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how to make someone a mod on twitch

Expanding your reach to Twitch is an enjoyable adventure. But, as your following increases, you might have to figure out how to balance creating engaging content while also controlling the conversations that are taking place on the chat. To help you concentrate the energy you put into making your audience laugh, Twitch allows you to include trusted users to be moderators (“mod” in short) to facilitate different tasks during your live stream.

Moderators on Twitch (readily identified by the green sword symbol next to their names) can perform tasks, such as deleting remarks or banning users who are spamming or not following rules in the live stream. If you’ve never thought about including a moderator in your live stream, then you must do so that you focus on providing high-quality video. There are three methods to include a user as a moderator to the live stream on Twitch live stream. Following are the steps to follow for each.

How can I integrate Twitch moderators using the Creator Dashboard?

Including moderators when you’re working on streaming can be challenging, so it’s possible to add moderators offline.

Click on the profile icon and then choose the Creator Dashboard.
Select the Community tab and then Roles Manager in your Creator Dashboard menu.
Click Add a Role.
Click on the search box and choose the Twitch user you want to search for using the box.
Select the box beside Moderator.
Select Save.

How to Unmod Someone on Twitch?

There are times when it is possible that you would like to be more satisfied with how your mods are accomplishing their tasks. Each now and then, you could encounter someone who has been abusing their authority by excluding people from the chatroom just for the sake of having enjoyment. Eliminating their power is much easier than giving them the right to do so. Here’s what you’ll need to accomplish:

Start the chatroom on your stream.
Input “/unmold [username]” and ensure that you use the correct username of the mod.

A message saying, “You have removed [username] as moderator of this room”, will appear.

It’s that simple! It! In entering the command, you’ve permanently removed the user’s mod privileges.

General Guidance

The selection of a moderator shouldn’t be taken in a hurry. Moderators hold many powers in chat; you’ll need to ensure you choose a trustworthy individual. An experienced moderator has some knowledge of Twitch and knows what to look out for when it comes to inappropriate comments or spam. Twitch suggests that you also communicate the guidelines on what’s acceptable to the Moderator in the most explicit way possible so that the mod is aware of what to look for while evaluating the chat.

Twitch recommends that you be able to have several moderators depending on the dimensions of the channel. Here is the number of mods that are recommended according to the size of your channel:

Small channels (less than 1 line of text per second on average) (one or two mods
Medium-sized channels (less than five lines of text per second on average) (one mod per 200 viewers
Large channels — 1 mod per 600 viewers and automatic moderation


There is no limit to the number you’d like. However, there’s a general best practice to follow in these circumstances.
If you have a small channel and want moderators, adding them to increase your size is recommended. Medium channels should have active moderators for 200 views to help deal with the chaos. Having mods for 600 views can be an excellent method for larger channels. The channels with large audiences can also utilize specially designed tools for automation to simplify the management process.


Twitch indeed offers a variety of apps that will help the moderators you have when streaming. There are additional commands that can be found within your moderator settings. In the moderator preferences, you can give more meaning for the type of language you don’t want to see in your chat.

How to Choose a Mod?

If you are choosing a mod, take care when choosing a mod. There is no way to choose a person as a Moderator that doesn’t have a good understanding of the. Mods must be knowledgeable about Twitch and how it operates to manage an account properly. If you trust and know the person on Twitch and they’re members of the same channel, add them as Mod. Mod.

If you suspect the person creating the mod isn’t a fan of the channel, assigning them as the mod is not a good idea.

If your channel is vast, it is possible to have several moderators. Smaller channels must be able to have two moderators. A medium channel needs one mod per 200 members, while a large channel must have one mod per 600.

Modification is a crucial feature for a channel, as managing a chat is essential to the overall success of the channel. If users begin to write long messages that are irrelevant or the messages they create are copied and pasted, that will annoy other participants.


To ensure the success of a stream, it’s essential to pick moderators who can be trusted and reliable. Before you grant Moderator access, ensure that the prospective mod’s Twitch login information and the accuracy of their username.

There are two main methods of adding someone to be a Moderator. One is via chat commands or on the Twitch dashboard. After you’ve assigned them moderator duties, make sure to announce the new Moderator’s position within the chat window so that all viewers can see. This can help establish a feeling of trust between the community and you and acknowledge the difficult task of managing streams on Twitch.

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