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How to move your car business exclusively online

You may wonder how this can be achieved when dealing with a car business, but you will find that it is quite easy and, when all is said and done, could very well save your business money by renting a high-class showroom or garage to house your stock items in as well as having multiple sales reps sitting idle waiting for potential customers to swing on by and the maintenance of your public area for health and safety reasons.

#1 Storing your vehicles

If you want to move your car business to online only, you are going to have to make sure that you have somewhere to store them while they are waiting to be sold. If you have a large yard, you could possibly store them there; but it is more than likely that you are going to want them to be stored away from your home so that you can have a break from the work that you do. 

When you are looking for the correct place to store your stock, you will need to think about security as well as the location of the site and its size.

#2 Providing virtual viewings

It is important that you offer your potential customers the opportunity to see a virtual tour or viewing of the vehicles that you have in stock, and if you film them before you put your cars into storage, you should only have to film them once, however in saying this it is a good idea that you look over the filming that you have done to make sure that it shows the vehicle all over, the good bits and the bad bits as well.

Obviously, you can also offer to move the car of interest out for the potential buyer to come and have a look at. This can be done at a roadside or even in a bar’s parking lot. You do not necessarily need to have a garage or showroom to complete this action.

#3 Answering questions

When you are relying on your potential customers to make purchases from a virtual viewing, you must be prepared to answer questions. Of course, some customers may ask more than others, and it is important that you do not lose your cool over the number of questions asked or their subject matter. 

Obviously, by including as much information as possible in the description and additional photos to the virtual viewing, you should be able to head off many of the questions that you could be asked. However, you do have to note that some people do not seem to be able to read descriptions completely and will only look at the photos provided.

#4 Getting the cars to your customers

If you customers cannot collect the car themselves, it is a good idea to offer some sort of car delivery service, using a car transport broker that will provide you with multiple quotes for the shipping job at hand can prove most beneficial, as you will be able to see the best price and the different services offered, rather than trawling the internet for individual shipping businesses. 

Also certain shipping brokers have access to businesses that are stationed all over the world, which means that your customer base could be much wider than just your own state or country.

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