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how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

Unless you are a fan of boxed wines, your wine bottles will come with either a cork cap or a screwcap. White wine should be avoided because screw caps can be very dangerous, and Wineries still prefer corks over screws caps. You’ll need a screw cap screwdriver.

If you don’t have a corkscrew or it is damaged, there are several ways to open the bottle.

Corkscrew Alternatives

These are the items and tools you will need to open a wine glass without a corkscrew. It is important to remember that you only have one thing you need at any given moment.

You can open wine bottles with a screwdriver, screwdriver, and hammer if you have a toolbox. You will need to insert the screw into the cork and then use the screwdriver for further fixing. The screw should be about an inch from the pin. Grab your hammer. Next, pull out the screw and cork using the end (not just the head). This works best when you have larger screws and large threads.

The Hammer and Screw

My grandmother’s corkscrew from the 1960s was jammed at a wake. I was about to run to Rite Aid, but my uncle pulled a surprise on me and opened the wine with some tools to improve the home.

Using a drill, he began by twisting a small screw into the cork.

The cork was released from the bottle by the magician’s hand.

String it Out

If you don’t like having a cork in your bottle, there’s an easy way to get it out. Make a figure-8 knot with a piece of string, and then lower it into the neck. To create leeway on one end, tilt your bottle so that the knotted rope can slip underneath the cork.

Finally, grab your string and pull it up hard, and the knot will become stuck against the neck on the bottle’s bottom.


This method is safe and easy to use, but it does have some drawbacks. To open the bottles, hold the handle of the wooden spoon (or another similar object) and push the cork in the wine. Unfortunately, once the pin has been made in, it is almost impossible for you to remove it from the bottle. A bottle of wine over a year old may have the cork fall out and be sucked into the wine. Although this may not be ideal, it is acceptable to share the bottle with friends who plan to consume it all. You can strain the wine through a strainer and then pour it into the decanter to remove the cork.

Use a knife or a pen to remove the cork.

If you’re out of keys but have tried the slapping techniques above, the chances are that you have a knife of some sort nearby. You can also use the serrated method, but you don’t have to be sharp.

CrazyRussianHacker demonstrated how to insert the knife in the cork and move it slowly in a twisting motion. You will see the pin rise when you twist it. Once it has risen about an inch, place the cork on the side of the bottle and then turn it around until it is entirely out of the bottle. Take care!

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