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how to print multiple pictures on one page

Printing images with a printer are identical to printing another type of document. However, if the work demands you to print several photos on one page, then it may be challenging.

Traditionally, I have used photo editing software like photoshop to join the pictures in an image collage. However, if I have hundreds of photos to print, it could be time-consuming.

In addition to the time, another issue is the photo size, spacing, quality, and so on. In the past, I’ve used a lot of paper trying to master this printing technique.

How to Print Multiple Images

Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder in which the images to be printed are. After you’ve found the folder, select the images you’d like to print on one piece of paper. The number of images you choose must be at most 35. The greater number of images you pick, the smaller the dimensions of each picture printed.

Tips: To select multiple images, press and hold the CTRL key while clicking on the images you want to select them.

After selecting the images After that, right-click on one of the selected photos and select Print from the pop-up menu. A print dialog box in Windows Photo Viewer will open up.

On the right-hand side, on the right, select the number of images you would like to reproduce on the same page. If you print multiple images on one page, the preview will show you what the printout will look like. If you’re happy with the result, click the print button and begin collaging the selected images.

Printing multiple images on one sheet from iPhone or Ipad

When discussing the printing process on MacBook, it is essential to discuss printing multiple images on iPhone since each MacBook and iPhone feature similar functions. The iPhone can be carried around, making it easy to work. By default, iPhone doesn’t support any application that prints multiple images, so we have to install the lighter version of the App or must purchase apps from the Apple store.

The most popular application to print on iPhone is called the Photo printing application. It allows users to print multiple photos on one sheet and adjust how big the image is based on the user’s requirements. Printing from this application Follow the instructions below.

Select the images that you wish to print.

Change the size of the Print to fit the images.

After you have customized the information for the photo, you can save the picture.

Select the printer and tap Print.

Several photos will appear on the same page.

Printing on Mac

Launch your Photos App first. Then, select Library and then choose the photos.

Then, click on File, and then choose Print.

Choose a preferred format from the Print options.

Choose a printer, then examine other essential settings.

Click on Print.

Select the printing options in the Print dialog box, then select Print.

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