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how to record screen on laptop

Recording the screen of your computer may appear daunting initially, mainly if the proper tools are available. You may want to record a speech while practicing your address. Or to share a bit of game with your friends.

Whatever the case you’re recording, recording your screen in Windows 10 is straightforward. If you are familiar with the right combination of keys on your keyboard, then you can begin recording any time you like. While the built-in feature is robust, it’s not equal to the dedicated apps solely designed to record any screen.

How do you record your screen on Windows?

It’s hidden away and isn’t easily accessible. However, Windows 11 has a built-in screen recorder designed to record games. To access it, start it using the already installed Xbox app(opens in a new tab) (type Xbox into the search box to locate it), then press [Windows]+[G] on the keyboard and select “Yes, it’s an actual game’.

Start recording by clicking ‘Start Recording’ or use the shortcut [Windows]+[Alt]+[R]. Begin recording, and follow the same shortcut after you’re finished. Videos recorded will be saved to the folder for your Videos/Capture in the format MP4.

To modify the settings for the recorder, you must sign in to the Xbox application and select options for the Game DVR options. There is no option to choose a new source folder for recordings. However, you can select the quality level, decide whether or not you want to record audio, and set the maximum duration of the clip.

However, not every Windows 10 device can record footage using Game Bar. Game Bar. To use it, you’ll require a video card that supports any of these encoders.

Intel Quick Sync H.260
Nvidia NVENC

Record your laptop’s screen using Game Bar.

  • In the case of the Windows 10 laptop, this recording method is only available.
  • You can record the screen of your computer with Game Bar. Game Bar feature. Since you can only record the window of a single program, the quality is not as effective.
  • To record a game window with Game Bar, follow these steps:
  • You must open the program that you’ll be recording.
  • When you’re using your keyboard, hit the Windows logo key and then G. Select Yes it’s an option for games.
  • If you want to use your microphone during recording, click the microphone icon.
  • To begin recording start recording, press the record button.
  • If you’re going to stop the recording process, you hit the stop button.
  • Start your File Explorer application (by pressing the Windows logo key and pressing E on the keyboard).
  • Paste the address into the address bar in File Explorer and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • VideosCaptures % UserProfile % UserProfile % UserProfile % UserProfile
  • Within that folder, you’ll be able to find the Video you’ve recorded.
  • If you’re unhappy with this feature, You may have to upgrade…

How do you use the HP screen recorder built into the HP screen recorder?

If you own the Xbox game console, you might be interested in learning how to record your screen on your HP laptop or desktop with The Game Bar. Because this program is available on every Windows 10 computer and has been available since Windows 7, it’s pretty easy to use:

Open the application or window you’d like to record.
Go to the Widget Menu, Select Capture, and select begin recording (or hit the Windows logo key, Alt + R, to initiate recording).
Turn off the microphone, switch the microphone on, and use the Windows logo key, followed by alt + M.
Once you’re finished when you’re done, click your Windows logo key and Alt + R once more to end the recording.
To view your Video, click your Gallery beneath the Widget Menu.

Make use of Snagit to record the screen of your laptop.

If you’re looking for an additional efficient tool, we recommend using Snagit. It’s screen capture software. It can be used to capture any portion of your laptop’s screen quickly and easily.

To record your laptop screen:

Download and install Snagit and install it.
Join and run through this program.
Click on the tab for Video, and then click Capture.

Choose an area on your screen to record, and then hit on the button to record.

If you’d like to stop recording, click”Pause.

Press the Record button to begin recording.

If you wish to end the recording, click on the button to stop.

Edit your Video using The Snagit Editor. Add text, images, and more to your clip.

Share or save your Video.

Record using Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar’s limitation is that it can only record in a single program at a given time. It cannot capture pictures of either windows desktops Windows desktop or File Explorer. The main drawback of using it is Xbox Game Bar to take screenshots. So, to show someone how to finish an assignment that requires multiple programs (for example, programming a website using a code editor and then browsing it using a browser), It will be necessary to gather various videos.

  • Start the application to record.
  • Use the Windows Key + Alt + R to begin recording the screen. A small recording widget that displays the recording duration will show the screen it’s likely to be within one of the four corners. Launching your Xbox Game Bar (Windows Key + G) and then clicking the widget for recording will appear; however, using the keyboard shortcut is more straightforward.
  • Perform the activities you want to with the help of the microphone record sound. It is also possible to turn off the microphone.
  • To stop your screen recording in Windows, you need to press the Windows Key + Alt + R again. It is possible to get the widget shut down with a press of”stop. A message will be displayed which reads Game clip recorded. Clicking on it, the Gallery portion of the Game Bar application will open in which the Video recorded will be shown.

The Bottom Line

Here are five of the best screen recorders suitable for Dell users. If you like the included tool without additional installation, you can consider Dell Webcam Central or Game Bar. Considering the cost, you can use VLC and OBS to assist you. If you’d prefer the highest quality software with no installation process, FlexClip is what you require. Take a look today!

In the end, screen recording on laptops such as HP, Lenovo, Macbook, or other brands isn’t difficult because there are many laptop screen recorders that you can count on. However, should you be concerned if the recording process or File does not go as smoothly or as well as you imagine, even after you’ve tried all the suggestions mentioned above, it might be worth upgrading your laptop or doing the same thing with a more powerful laptop.

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