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How to recover permanently deleted photos from gallery

The easiest method of recovering deleted images using Android can be to recover them with an external device or cloud backup. If the photos are still in your trash folder, they can be retrieved from there, too. However, this is only a best-case scenario that can only be used in certain situations.

What happens if the images were permanently erased from the garbage, or you’re not able to make backups? Data Recovery apps for your phone and Recovery software that runs on your PC for the SD card are the most effective options in this situation.

Recycle Bin in the Gallery App

trash bin icon Samsung tablets and mobile devices will find it easy since the default gallery app saves all deleted photos and videos within the recycle bin folder for 30 days. After that, deleted videos and pictures are removed permanently from the device. Therefore, you should act fast and follow the guidelines below before it’s too late.

To retrieve deleted photos out of the Samsung Gallery Recycle bin:

Start the Gallery application.

Tap the hamburger menu icons.

Select the recycle bin option.

Click on the image you’d like to restore.

Tap on the icon for restoration to save the image.

You can restore several photos simultaneously by holding and tapping the image and selecting any other photos to erase.

How can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Mac and iPhone?

iPhone users can retrieve permanently deleted photos with ease If users are using an iTunes or an iCloud backup. If there aren’t any backups, it is possible to use third-party recovery applications like TenorShareUlt, iMobie, or IMyFone.

Additionally, Mac users can also make use of Time Machine backup. Time Machine backup to restore photos permanently deleted.

Using Dropbox

Despite it being true that Dropbox is a tiny amount of storage space for free compared with other cloud storage options, it remains extremely popular with those who use smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy, who dislike Samsung’s cloud storage service.

To retrieve images from Dropbox, Follow these steps:

Start Dropbox. Dropbox application.

Go to the Photos folder on your computer.

Choose the images you would like to retrieve and then click the images to display them within an image recovery software.

To get to the three dots located in the upper right corner, click on them.

How to recover deleted photos permanently from an Android SD Card

If you’re wondering how I can retrieve deleted images from my Android phone’s SD card, you’ll need an effective tool for data recovery. With the aid provided by UltFone SD Data Recovery, you will be able to quickly recover the deleted images from an SD card on the Android phone. It can aid you in recovering any deleted or lost file from your Android SD card, regardless of how you lost it.

Step 1: Run the application after connecting it to your PC. After that, you can remove your SD card from the Android phone and then connect the device to your computer by using card readers. In the program’s main interface, select SD card as the location and click “Scan.”

Second step: Your program will look through the SD card for missing photos.

Step 3: After a positive scan, the program will display all the information that could be recovered from the SD card. You can look them up and select the pictures you would like to retrieve. Then, click”Recover” or click the “Recover” button and select the location on your PC where you wish to save the recoverable data.

Do I have the ability to recover photos that were permanently deleted from Google Photos after two years?

Check these images out on Google. Start by searching for the photos on Google. If you own multiple Google accounts, ensure that they’re all checked. After removing images from your Google Photos account, they’re put in the Trash for 60 days. You’ll be able to return them to the Trash folder after 60 days if you’ve accidentally deleted them.


If you’re a Samsung customer, you can select from a variety of effective options when you want to retrieve deleted images. We’ve outlined five of these methods and provided a timeline for when each is appropriate to use. The only thing you have to do is to begin the recovery process as quickly as you can, adhere to our guidelines, and be extra cautious the next time around.

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