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How To Reheat Pizza In Air Fryer

Air-frying is the ideal method to bring back pizza leftovers! You won’t have to worry about soggy crust or burnt, dry pizza. Discover my practice of heating pizza using the air fryer to achieve a crispy crust with gooey melty cheese in only a few minutes. Pizza will never be reheated in the oven or microwave for the rest of your life!

What is the best way to reheat pizzas in the air-fryer?

It’s simple! First, you must determine which air fryer you’re using. If you’re working with a basket air fryer, you’ll have to heat your pizza one slice or two pieces at a go depending on the basket size. If you’re using an oven-style air fryer, it’s possible to reheat the pizza with as many details as you can fit in the rack tray.

Whatever method you choose, start with lining the bottom of the basket or the tray or rack using perforated aluminium foil and parchment (DIY holes cutouts will be delicate)–you should allow airflow to allow the pizza’s crust from becoming crispy but also prevent sticking. Lay your pizza slice(s) on top, and the next step is to, if you want or desire, spray the top of your pizza in cooking spray to keep your toppings from drying out or eliminate any toppings which could cause burning, drying out or be excessively crispy during the cooking.

Why Use the Air Fryer?

In case you’re thinking of what we’ve done, we’ve tested all ways of heating pizza in the oven, from the microwave to a skillet over the stove. The range is acceptable; however, it can take a long time to heat up and is excessive for even a few slices.

It’s fast to microwave but leaves the crust spongy. Cooking on the stove will yield a crispy crust, but the toppings aren’t able to sizzle, which is how we prefer the taste.

The best method to go about it is using this air fryer. Air that circulates and the tiny space inside the basket lets you precisely heat a few pizza slices quickly while crisping the crust when warming the toppings.

What is the time required to heat pizza in the air fryer?

The pizza can be air-fried at 350F. Then heat it for about three minutes before checking the cooking process. Thin pizza slices will warm faster than more doughy pieces (like the kind of pizza that is deep-dish pizza). If you believe the crust might be more crisp, air fry it for a further second before rechecking it. When you are satisfied with the reheating, Let the pizza sit for at least a few minutes before serving.

When you’re reheating your pizza pieces in small batches, remember that subsequent batches could cook slightly more quickly because the air fryer may already have a reasonable temperature.


  • The pizza is topped with a crisp crust and soft as if it had just been created.
  • It’s an easy and reliable method for making fantastic pizza.
  • It applies to all models of air fryers – baskets as well as ovens.
  • It is suitable for any kind of pizza, including thin-crust pizza and average thin-crust pizza.
  • There’s no need to turn on an entire range to cook a few slices.
  • And yeah, no more soggy pizza or dry pizza.

Do I Need to Use Oil?

There is no need to add cooking oil to heat pizza slices in an air fryer. Like most pizzas, there is enough from its oil to ensure the toppings don’t become dry. The crust’s grease can help the pizza crisp and, again, without oil.

If your basket is missing, its non-stick properties and objects are likely to stick to it, then spray your basket before placing the slices to avoid sticking.

Should I Preheat the Air Fryer?

I don’t ever heat the air fryer. Some models do require it, but most do not. The most significant benefit of using an air fryer is that you don’t have to heat it. You need to put food items in and cook according to the instructions listed in the recipe.


This method is suitable for just one or two slices. The limit will depend on the air fryer’s design, model, and dimensions. The image above is two slices within a six-quarter qt. Gourmia

The Basket/Bucket style: This technique is ideal for eating two slices of pizza per meal according to the model or air-fryer.

Oven style: If you own a giant oven or a toaster oven-style air fryer, it is possible to heat as many slices as can fit onto the rack or tray. It is essential to put the tray placed in the middle of the tray but far enough away from the element that heats. Make sure to leave a little room between the pizza slices so that the hot air flow will make the edges of the pizza crisp.,

Place the pizza on aluminium foil so that it doesn’t stick if the cheese melts. Make holes through the foil to allow airflow so the pizza base will become crisp.

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