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How To Remove A Sim Card

A SIM card, or Subscriber Identity Module, is a small chip that connects your cellphone to a cellular network. It’s a critical part of your device; however, how exactly does it paint? And why and in the way do you need to put off or update it?

Here at Asurion, we assist you in getting the most from your tech, whether or not you need to maximize your Android™ battery existence or learn how to restore a water-broken cellular cellphone. Here’s our guide to removing and changing a SIM card on your Android cellphone.

What is a SIM card?

A SIM card allows your phone to connect with the cellular network and helps you to make calls and send texts. Your SIM card furthermore stores your telephone variety and one-of-a-kind records, like your service (Verizon®, T-Mobile®, and so on.), touch list, and text messages. SIM playing cards are available in unique sizes—mini-, micro-, and nano-SIMs—and if you get a brand new telephone, you can supply your mobile phone with a vast range of texts and contacts by moving the SIM card.

How to Remove a SIM Card From an Android Phone

When disposing of your SIM card from an Android cellphone, it’s first-rate to reveal it. However, a few phones permit customers to eject SIM cards effectively. It’s like how USB drives are removed on PCs before removal, preventing information corruption or specific problems.

If your cellular telephone is blanketed in a case, you must dispose of it first. Otherwise, gaining access to the SIM tray can be challenging.

How to Remove a SIM Card From a Samsung Android Phone

Samsung’s Android phones also can require a slightly changed device counting on the version. Generally, the organization states that many of its merchandise from 2014 and earlier have a detachable lower again cowl and battery. Newer devices may additionally have SIM trays on the outside.

How to Remove a SIM Card Using a SIM Ejection Tool


  • To get rid of the SIM card
  • Environment
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 6P
  • Moto G5 Plus
  • Moto G5S Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Procedure

Turn off your cellphone 

Find the small hollow for the SIM card tray

Insert the SIM ejection device that includes the phone into the hollow and push firmly, however gently, till the tray pops out

Remove the tray and the SIM card on it.

Carefully re-function the tray within the slot and push it gently to decrease returned into the telephone.

  • Turn on your cellphone.
  • How to put off and insert a SIM card on a Samsung Galaxy
  • If you have got a Galaxy S6 or more recent telephone, study those steps:
  • Turn off your cell phone.

Locate your SIM-eject tool. If you do not have one, use a small paper clip.

Insert the tool (or paperclip) into the slight hollow next to the SIM tray and push lightly, however firmly, till the tray pops out.

Slide the tray from the tool, and remove the SIM card with the valuable resource of lifting it out of the tray.

Locate a SIM card into the tray with the notch on the SIM card aligned with the aperture, then reinsert the tray.

If your cellular phone has a removable battery, you may need to dispose of the once more cowl to exchange the SIM card. Here’s how:

Remove the lower returned cowl, and eliminate the battery.

With your finger pressing within the course of the SIM card, slide it out of the slot. (You can also want to softly push the SIM card together with your fingernail if the space is spring-loaded.)

To insert a SIM card, area it into the SIM slot with the gold contacts facing down. You’ll see a tiny icon that looks like a SIM card, with the letters “SIM” after it.

Reinsert the mobile smartphone battery. Make excellent the battery’s contacts wholesome the prongs on the indoors of the tool.

Line up the yet again cowl with the virtual digital camera, then press properly all the manner down to reattach it.

Protect your cellphone

For extra than 25 years, Asurion has helped three hundred million customers defend, be part of, and revel in the tech they love most. And smartphones aren’t any exception. Your life is in your tool; ensure it’s covered. Learn more excellent approximately Asurion cellphone coverage plans nowadays.

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