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How To Remove A Stain From Granite Counter

Since herbal stone is porous, moisture that pools on it for extra than a couple of minutes—a bit of olive oil under the bottle, an errant coffee spill—can seep in. A sealant will prevent this. However, it wears down over the years.

“If you phrase that brief-time period contact with water darkens your stone, it is the great indicator which you want to reseal,” says Mark Meriaux, technical manager at the Natural Stone Institute in Oberlin, Ohio. To maintain your floor inside the remarkable shape till resealing is possible, keep studying—proper right here are techniques for casting off even deep-set discolorations within the period in-between.

About Granite

Granite is a herbal stone found deep inside the Earth’s crust. It is both coarse or medium-grained and typically includes quartz and feldspar. Granite is the most not unusual of all plutonic rocks observed inside the crust and is usual while magma cools.

Historically, granite turned out to be used mainly for tombstones. After some time, owners positioned how properly this rock labored for kitchen countertops.

They’re now more potent than different surfaces, like marble countertops, which has given humans a more significant motive to install them.


Cleaning granite stains can be a complex task. Before rolling up your sleeves and setting in your handyman hat, remember some matters in advance as you start cleaning granite stains from your countertops. Discoloration can come from some specific belongings. To each form of monster, a selected poison.

Stains are one of the maximum commonplace kinds of discoloration. They result from the absorption of materials into the stone’s pores, inflicting it to have an incredible color from the relaxation of the countertop. They can both come from spills or prolonged publicity of chemical materials. The pertinent fact is that the stain on the granite countertop is long gone as soon as the staining agent is removed.

Etches are a whole one-among-a-kind tale altogether. They aren’t due to the absorption of fabric but as an opportunity for an exchange within the chemical composition of the floor of the rock. They do not disappear while you cast off the chemical or steady with the valuable resource of unsurprising granite stain removers. Most of the time, it calls for professional assistance. Etches are typical due to exposure to acidic or alkaline chemical materials that reason discoloration. You will want to evaluate if the harm is on the give up or has reached the stone itself. If the harm is on the stone, then the solution is to have it refinished thru the way of an expert. Do not hesitate to are looking for help and ask questions. They might be satisfied to cope with your issues.

How to do away with stains on granite countertops:

Granite has inherent stain-resistant homes, and an effective sealer’s software program will enhance these belongings. Also, generally blotting off any spills with a paper towel at the time of the spill will address any possible staining. If there may be an example wherein the spill is not observed right now, and a stain takes region, several strategies exist to eliminate it. The approach depends on the cause of the stain.

Organic stains:

  • Stains because of spills of espresso, tea, wine, fruit juice, or meals that can purpose a brownish stain.
  • Clean the stain with 12% hydrogen peroxide; this is to be had in any grocery shop after wiping off the stain with an easy fabric.
  • Oil-based total stains:
  • Stains from nail polish, cosmetics, milk, or cooking oil could make the stone darker, causing a darker vicinity.
  • These stains have to be removed by using a poultice compound.
  • DuPont makes this form of a compound which fees about $eight in keeping with a tin of poultice.
  • How to attend to spots or rings shaped through manner of water:
  • These spots and jewelry are attributable to floor accumulation of hard water. You can sincerely buff this out with a ball of 0000-grade steel wool to be had in any domestic improvement save.

Understanding Granite Stains

Granite is a porous material, which means it may soak up water and other drinks and puts it at risk of stains. However, it’s essential to recollect granite is one of the great deal less porous natural stones, and supplied it’s well sealed, it gained’t stains at all.

Kitchens are constantly complete of liquids susceptible to stain herbal stone, which includes fruit juices, wine, espresso, tea, water, vinegar, vegetable and olive oils, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and so forth., and that makes it tough to keep away from stains except your stone is sealed.

Find out more about sealing by using way of the use of analyzing our article: “How To Seal Granite Countertops.”

Stains co-occur as unsealed granite surfaces soak up liquids sitting on them for too long. Now, easy water stains shouldn’t be a problem because, of the truth, they will evaporate rapidly, leaving the stone without inflicting any visual damage. The baddies are oil, rust, tough water stains, and others that virtually evaporate.

Using Peroxide to Clean Granite

Hydrogen peroxide is a miracle worker for doing away with oil stains from granite. This hefty liquid is notorious for its stain-preventing homes on top surfaces.

Peroxide moreover prevents the growth of mildew and unique unwelcome micro organism. Pour a small quantity of peroxide into the targeted regions of your new granite.

Allow the peroxide to take a seat for up to 15 minutes before dabbing it with a clean rag until the stain lifts. Run over the place with an absorbent paper towel to remove final moist spots.

How to Make a Poultice

A poultice paste works correctly for stain elimination on a granite pinnacle and is safer than maximum cleaning products.

Using baking soda as the base creates mild alkalinity that dissolves dust and grime with no hassle. This stain remover acts as a heady scent cleanser and removes gross smells.


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