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How To Remove The Emergency Call Button

Android locks screen security means you won’t need to type your password or pattern into the phone to dial 911. Instead, it adds an “Emergency Contact” button to the bottom. Unfortunately, while this is a great feature, it often causes more problems than it solves.

There is no way to get rid of this button, and it is so easy to pull out your phone and dial 911. However, if you aren’t aware of all the risks involved in removing this quick link to emergency service, I will show two possible workarounds.

How can you make Android’s emergency calls unlocked?

To enable emergency calls on Android, you need to open the Settings App and then go to Security & Location. Next, enable Emergency SOS. You can now configure how you would like to trigger an emergency call.

How do you turn your phone off for emergency calls?

To turn your phone off for emergency calls, go to your phone’s setting. For example, you can go to “phone” or “call setting” and toggle the emergency call only option. Your phone will then be free to make all other calls.

How do you turn off emergency power?

An iPhone 6 or later can be disabled by the emergency call power button. Go to Settings ->General -> Accessibility and disable the “Emergency SOS.”

Devices that are not rooted

If your device has not been Rooted, you can remove the Emergency Call button by installing a replacement screen app. There are many lock screen options available on Google Play Store. However, the next Lock Screen App by Microsoft is our favorite. It is simple and functional.

Before you continue, remove the stock password/Pattern lock and PIN from your device. It is located in Settings > Security.

Google Play: Download and install the Next Lock Screen app.

After installing the App, launch it. Grant the App the permissions necessary for notification access and usage.

The lock screen will appear on your device when it wakes up.

For root users, remove the emergency call button.

Rooting is the best option if your smartphone is easy to use and you enjoy tweaking it. For example, with an Xposed module, you can eliminate the emergency button.

This is just one way you can do this with an Xposed Xposed module. We like the tweakbox, though, with the expense and a few others.

This will permanently disable the emergency call button. However, it will not interfere with your ability to make a call or be accidentally called on. To make a phone contact in an emergency, you will need a password or PIN. Keep this in your mind.

Why is it that I get only emergency calls

The wireless service provider does not want stolen phones to be functional as it encourages fraud. So if a device is lost or stolen, it’s likely only to allow emergency calls.

Can I bypass the Android Lock Screen by calling an Emergency Number?

Do you have an Android device with version 5 of the operating software? If this is the case, you may be able to use the emergency call method to get past the lock screen. This can unlock a device as long as it is physically accessible. To do this, you should use emergency dialer codes. You’ll need to cut out and paste certain characters in order.

This strategy takes advantage of Android 5’s security flaw. Google eventually discovered the flaw, and it was fixed. However, this will stop working if the device you try to unlock has a different OS.

How can I turn off emergency calls from my keypad phone?

Click on Security and choose “Screen lock.” Next, select “None,” then press “Yes” when prompted. You will be greeted with your shiny new lock screen the next time you unlock it.

How do Android users call for an emergency?

Android users can simultaneously press and hold the power button, volume down, and power buttons to call an emergency.

How do you bypass iPhone emergencies?

How to Turn On the Emergency Bypass Phone Calls

Open Contacts and choose the person you want to set up with.

Tap Edit at the top right corner of your Contact card.

Scroll down, and tap Ringtone.

To allow calls to be made, toggle ON Emergency Bypass

Tap on Done.

Tap on Done Again.

How do you use 911 Android?

You will need to open the Phone app, then choose Emergency! from the main menu. After that, you’ll be prompted for your location and contact details. When you call 911 for emergency assistance, press “1” for police, “2” for fire, or “3” for an ambulance.

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