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How To Remove Window Screen

Utilizing a stained, damaged, or broken window would not be a wise option. It could cause the window to appear unattractive and attract pests to your house.

It is best to understand what steps to take off the window to clean, repair, or even window replacement for the screen. However, it is essential to determine if the window is inside or out before doing that.

The process for removing each window may differ, and you must take note of this. Every window has distinct removal procedures. However, it’s easy to get rid of and then replace.

If you want to create an interior look, the window screen must be inserted into your window screen inside the grooves of millwork around the window. The screen on the exterior uses the plunger-pin method to remain on the outside of the window. This post has compiled a step-by-step procedure for removing windows with screens.

Simple steps on how to remove Windows Screen

Window screens are offered in various kinds and styles and are simple to take off. Use these steps to take it off them using the appropriate window screen remover tools.

1. Make sure you know the style of the window.

The very first step on the best way to take down the screen of a window is to determine the design of the window before removing it. Every window is able to be removed and taken away without difficulty. Therefore, there’s no need to stress. Below are a few windows that you might be able to see:

Double Hung Window, A majority of houses use this window style. However, the window you have could be different. It is operable and can move upwards and downwards for better air circulation.

Window Casement Window The window has a hinge on the side that is opened by using the hand crank. It must have finger lifts and pins in the double-hung or sliding windows.

Sliding Window: Most homeowners use sliding windows in areas that are hard to access, such as bathrooms or above sinks in kitchens. They can be opened easily once you let go of the latch that holds the glass onto the frame.

2. Verify the type of window

There are various kinds of windows. Each is different in its removal method. After a basic understanding of the various kinds of windows available, you can eliminate an entire screen.

Interior Window Screen: The interior windows are held in their place thanks to the help of tension. They’re commonplace on sliding windows and often in the window’s grooves.

Exterior Window Screen: This screen is attached to the outside of the window through plunger pins. The reason why double-hung windows are equipped with the option of an outside window screen.

3. Remove the window Screen

The new windows come with a new mesh. Removing the old mesh to take the screen off is no requirement. This is the procedure to take off windows from the outside as well as how to get rid of windows from the inside.

How do you remove a Windows Screen?

If you’ve had the experience of having a teen (or had one) kept out of your home, you’ve probably experienced the screen being removed improperly. The result is often damaged or bent frames for the screen, tears in nets, and other damage that can’t even be repaired. However, there are a variety of reasons to tear down your window. You might be:

  • Clean the exterior from the windows.
  • Repairing or replacing a broken or damaged screen.
  • Cleaning the screen.
  • Then sneaking back into the glass after you’ve finished laughing. Never mind.

There may be other motives for the window being removed screen. Most importantly, you need to remove it without damaging the frame of your window, which could be costly. It is also important not to cause injury or harm to other items. Here are some methods of removing a Windows screen.

Interior Screen

The glass should be opened. Look for the finger lifts, sometimes called lift tabs, at the lowest point of the window. They are typically constructed of plastic or metal. Pull up the lift tabs using the middle and index fingers until the screen raises just a bit. Press the screen with your fingers and force the mounts of tension springs in the upper part of the screen to expand.

Maintain your fingers with the left side of the lift tab, and then grab the lower part of the screen using your right arm. The top of the screen is out of the groove on the millwork.

Take the screen in both fingers from the window towards you. Move the bottom of the screen in the opening first. The rest of it will follow the remaining portion of the display. You may need to tilt the screen towards one side or another to push it out of the window.

Exterior Screen

You can remove the window sash if you own a modern double-hung window, and it is simple to take off. Locate the plunger pins in the interior of the window’s screen. These are typically found close to the lower part of the screen. Push the plunger pins upwards towards the center of the window until they release the screen.

Grab the frame on the window’s edge and pull the screen to the side. Then pull it back a bit to release this screen and the windows. Be sure no one else is near the window if you fall and drop the net. Be sure not to lean forward and ensure your feet are placed on the ground.

The screen should be turned in a slant to be inserted into the window’s opening. Bring the screen towards your face, and bend it slightly to squeeze it into the window. The frame that surrounds a screen is firm but slightly elastic, which means you can turn it to push it out of the opening.

Security and Screen Removal

There are three points you should refrain from detaching screen windows. Be careful not to hurt yourself and not harm the screen or frame. Also, don’t hurt the window frame.

The first step is to ensure your safety by providing your feet are grounded and balanced. Avoid leaning on the window, or it could cause you to fall from the window.

Then, before putting the screen out, you should ensure that the space below you is clean. It isn’t a good idea for your friend and neighbor or your pet to be able to grab an entire screen and head because you were not looking. The edges can appear Sharp, and despite not being weighty, falling screens could cause some harm.

If you must pry to take the screen off for a reason, you can use the most comprehensive blade type, such as a knife. The pressure will remain evenly across the frame, preventing the structure from breaking or buckling. Be gentle. It is not necessary to pry the screen aggressively. If your screen has become blocked, seek help.

The excessive amount of prying could create damage to the frame of your window. This can be expensive and potentially dangerous.

Be aware that removing the window screens correctly prevents the risk of damage, is safe, and can be done within the house. Keep your screens in good condition to save both time and money. You’ll also make sure that the insects stay away from the areas they belong.

Tips To Take When Checking out a window screen

The removal of a window’s screen needs to be performed with care. Be sure to observe these security precautions when doing similar.

Keep your balance and never rest your body weight on the windows. There is a chance that you will fall and cause injury to yourself. The screen of the window isn’t robust and is not capable of supporting the weight.

Be sure there’s no one in the area. This could lead to dropping the screen when taking it off.

If you need help getting up to the proper height, it’s best to get help from your neighbor or friend. Ensure you do not stand on furniture to get your Windows screen.

If you cannot take the screen off your window and you cannot do it, consult an experienced professional. The screen could harm the window’s frame if you forcefully remove it.

As you work using the wide blade. This ensures that you don’t bend. Be sure to do it gently, as it could be dangerous and cause injury to the frame of the window.

With large windows screens, it is best to seek assistance from an individual. The screen must be pulled from both sides simultaneously and may require more hands.

Get rid of the window screens properly and protect the screen. It will save both time and money.


A window screen can provide not just security but also lighting and ventilation. As with other items, windows screens get older and fall apart. It is essential to take off or repair the windows cautiously. Following the steps above will help you take off the screen easily. All you need to do is know what type of window you want to follow the steps without difficulty. Keep the window’s screen in good condition and ensure you’re not rough. It is essential to adhere to all security precautions that are required.

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