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how to save tiktok videos

TikTok makes it easy to create, edit, format, and share videos that you like. These videos can be shared with your followers by simply posting them. However, you can save the video to your phone gallery and create another one. This is for various reasons. For example, if you need to get another opinion before posting. Below are the steps needed to save TikTok videos. These steps can be divided into 2 stages to make them easier to understand.

TikTok: How do I save videos

First, you need to ensure that you’re going to the right place for you to save your favorite video clips from roller skating to your camera roll. To save a video, use the mobile app for Android or iOS. To access your Profile, click the heart icon in the middle of the page. This will bring up all the Toks you’ve liked. To show any you’ve saved in-app, hit the flag icon beside “Edit Profile.”

Once you have the video open on your screen, you can press down to bring up an options menu. Here you will find “save,” You can download the clip to the camera roll. The arrow-shaped icon can be tapped on the right side to pull up the menu to DM TikToks friends. This also offers a “save” option.

Can you save TikTok videos before they are posted?

It is not possible to save the video before posting. Three buttons can be clicked on the top left side of the screen to edit the video. These are “Record,” ‘Edit’ and ‘Save.” This last button, which is grayed out, means it can’t be selected and cannot be edited.

How to get all your TikTok data downloaded

While you may not always be able to download every TikTok post, you can save all your TikTok data once you follow these steps:

  • Open the TikTok mobile app.
  • To access the Me section of the screen, press the button to the bottom right.
  • Tap the icon that has three horizontal dots at the bottom right.
  • Navigate To Privacy > Personalization and Data > Download Your Data.
  • Use the “Request data” button.
  • TikTok should notify you that your downloaded file is available within four working days.

How do you save a TikTok Draft video after posting it?

After uploading a TikTok-generated video, you may save the draft from being used later by clicking “Save” in the bottom left corner of the editing screen. You can also tap “Back” to return to the previous screen. This is an excellent way to edit content before posting it.

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