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How To Screen Record On Windows 11

Being able to screen record in Windows 11 comes in practicality when you want to capture something within Windows that you would like to share with others.

Suppose you must explain to an employee what happens when you press the button on a site or even show your family member what you can do on their computer. In that case, It’s great to be capable of recording your entire screen and sending them the footage.

For an extended period, screen recording was more complicated than it had to be, mainly because Windows had no user-friendly included tools. However, that all changed for Windows 11 users in 2023, 2023 when Microsoft introduced a brand new screen recorder feature in Windows”snipping” Tool and, up until recently, was only able to record screenshots. Ways for recording Audio In Windows 11

Windows 11 has two built-in instruments for recording applications: Xbox Game Bar and Snipping Tool. Alongside recording your screen, according to the program that you choose to use, you may also record system audio on your computer, as well as an external microphone.

It’s impossible to capture your desktop screen and File Explorer with the Xbox Game Bar. To do this, you’ll have to choose another approach. Alternative options include Microsoft’s screen recorder in PowerPoint and VLC media player, VLC media player, and a range of third-party screen capture applications.

How do I screen record on Windows 11?

Please note that this guide can only be used on Windows 11 PCs running Build 22621 or higher.

  • Then, open Windows”Snipping Tool. The quickest way to accomplish this is to launch the Start menu by hitting the Start button. After that, search for Snipping Tool and then press Enter once it’s selected within the search results.
  • If you launch the first time Windows’ Snipping Tool, it’ll default to taking images, not videos. This is a great way to snap pictures of your desk, but to switch the Windows Snipping Tool to video mode, press the camera slider and move it away from the photo camera mode to that of a video came.
  • When you begin a new recording session, the desktop will become darker, and you can drag and click to mark the part of your desktop that you want to capture. Feel free to be flawless on the first attempt, and you’ll be able to fine-tune the size of your recording zone after establishing the boundaries by clicking and moving over its edges.
  • After you’ve selected the part of the screen you’d like to record, click the Start button located at the top of the screen. This will start recording. A 3…2…1…countdown will appear on the screen. When it’s over, you’ll notice the recording button change to red, and the recording will begin.
  • The Windows 11 Snipping Tool will show your video on the playback and timeline controls in the lower right corner that allow you to playback the video you’ve made.
  • There you are, and you’re now ready to take notes of anything that appears on the Windows 11 desktop.

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Alternative ways to screen record with Audio

There are a variety of screen recording apps from third parties, which include editing tools and videos, such as Snagit Screenshot Captor, Snagit, and ShareX. Through Snagit, you can, for example, it allows you to extract specific frames as well as make GIFs. Learn to record your desktop using VLC and do it using this free application.

The Final Line

In this article, you will learn three ways to record screens on a Windows 11 PC or laptop; if you need to carry out some easy screen recording tasks, software such as Game Bar, Snipping Tool, and PowerPoint can be helpful options.

If you’d like more capabilities such as schedule recording, adding overlays, webcams, and more. If so, consider EaseUS RecExperts, The ideal choice for people looking to create compelling screen-recording videos.

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