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how to screenshot on thinkpad

Everybody has had a problem that required us to take an image on our laptops but were unsure how to accomplish it. We were required to use smartphones’ cameras to take pictures of the screens we were using. If we didn’t have phones and couldn’t perform anything other than look at our screens and wish for a more straightforward method of taking pictures of our screens. If we were able to capture images, they were not as good. The results were typically blurred or unprofessional and generally were not as appealing.

It’s good to know that Lenovo laptops offer a variety of ways to capture screenshots without the need for other devices, just the computer. So, don’t be worried as we’ll discuss some ways to take a picture using your Lenovo Laptop.

Take a Screenshot on ThinkPad

  • Within the phone you have, on your Lenovo ThinkPad phone, go to the screen where you’d like to snap an image.
  • Hold the button for volume down and the Power button on your ThinkPad to Release your The Power Button after a few minutes.
  • If your Lenovo device has the Physical Home button, you can use the Home button and press the Power button to take the image.
  • The image will be heard with a sound, and the image appears in the lower left ( when using Android 8 or higher versions ). This means the photo was taken successfully.
  • Click on the thumbnail for the image on the screen to edit and open the image. Or, select the notification to view pictures on earlier Lenovo devices.
  • Once you’ve edited the image, you can share the edited image with other people by sharing buttons on WhatsApp, Facebook, email, and many more.

How to Take a Screenshot on Lenovo ThinkPad Computer

This article will show you how to create images on a Lenovo computer. If you have a Lenovo notebook or desktop, and you want to take pictures of it, pay attention at this point.

Take a screenshot using the Lenovo by using the screen capture key
Each computer comes with a default screen capture configuration. For most Lenovo users, it’s not easy to locate the option on keyboards. In actuality, Lenovo changes the location of the “Print Screen” key. Look at the image below for the key in this image.

Take a snap of the active window

To take a picture of the window that is active (the window currently being utilized) by using Lenovo’s Lenovo computer:

Click any of these windows to make them your active windows.
When you use your keyboard to type, then press Alt when you press the PrtSc key at the exact time to capture a picture of it.
Select the Windows logo button and choose paint. Once you have ordered paint, the Paint program will launch.

Utilize Ctrl, V, and Ctrl at the same time for copying the picture into your Paint program using your keyboard.

With your keyboard, hit the keys Ctrl, S, and Ctrl at the same time to save your screenshot.

How do you take the screen on the Lenovo laptop that runs Windows 10?
To take a screenshot using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10, press the Windows Key and the Print Screen (PrtScn) button simultaneously. Then, you will see a screenshot of your screen appearing in your clipboard.


It is impossible to know how many times we were asked to record our screens, but we could not do so due to insufficient information. Gamers understand this problem quite well when they want to showcase their achievements, but they can’t. Based on our discussion of various ways to take pictures using the Lenovo laptop, We’re hoping that we’ll never have to tackle this problem.

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