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How To Sell Multiple Items On Ebay

If you list items for sale on eBay at a fixed cost, you can add multiple identical items instead of selling them through auctions. You can also list multiple identical items at a fixed price that includes all variations (e.g. colour, size) if you have many of the same items.

How to make a multi-quantity inventory

If you wish to list multiple items in a single listing, choose the Fixed Price format and indicate the quantity of the items for sale when creating the listing.

Fixed-price listings remain in effect until they are sold or cancelled.

The quick listing tool allows you to create multiple quantity listings.

You can choose a Fixed price for your listing and enter your Buy It Now pricing.

Enter the quantity

Please complete the remainder of your listing. Click Submit.

How to list multiple items in eBay’s one listing

What is eBay Variation Listing?

Selling on eBay can be difficult if you have many similar items.

eBay allows you to add up to 60 value options for each variation.

eBay’s Powerful Version Listing

There are many ways to connect products that offer multiple colours, patterns, sizes and styles. This interconnected, unique web of products is called a variation list. If you own a business, you can sell similar products with different dimensions, colours, lengths, and depths. eBay’s variety lists allow you to give unique properties to these products.

You can adjust prices, quantities or discounts based on the variations. Customers will also be able to choose products that best suit their preferences. It can also help you score more points on your client satisfaction scale.

Tips and Tricks

It will not be beneficial to list multiple products for the same product on eBay. The eBay system does not allow you to show comparable listings from the same seller within a search result.

Because you are more likely to get higher bids on individual items than if you list them all together, selling identical products in separate listings is better than selling them as a whole.

A set of products (for instance, the Lord of the Rings trilogy) is considered one item.

What is a variant listing?

The eBay store page allows you to ultimately link two products if they have different colours and patterns. That is a variation listing.

eBay allows you to sell multiple products, each with a different colour, size and length. With variation listing, you can create a list of product properties. Variations may also impact the quantity and price. Customers can find products that suit their interests easier by listing variations. Customers are more satisfied when sellers have their selling page than allowing they go to other websites looking for the exact size and colour.

You will need to use three products to treat a shirt as a three size, small, medium, or large. Variation Listing allows you to treat small-medium and oversized shirts like three versions of the same product.

How to Use a Quantity sale on EBay

If you sell items on eBay at an auction price instead of a fixed one, you can offer multiple identical items within the duplicate listing. This allows more customers to purchase the item, or one customer can buy multiple copies. Some categories, like crafts or clothes, allow you to sell different items in one listing. Each listing will include its price and amount. Different items should have separate listings in most cases.

Dutch Auctions – Leveraging

You can auction the whole lot if you have many inexpensive items. Who is going to buy 4,000 pairs of shoelaces for $200? They can be listed separately for 5 cents per pair, but there are better ways.

Although a Dutch auction is the most popular, you might have better choices. You can enter as many as 4,000 items in a Dutch auction. A single bid will buy one item. However, you’d still be where you started – handling as many as 4,000 customers at a nickel each.

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