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how to set google map as default on iphone

We know that Apple is an open software ecosystem, and its practices tend to use first-party software whenever possible. However, iOS 14 (and iOS 15) let users change the default browser, mail client, and even the Music application. What about the other services that people use daily? Do you have the ability to create Google Maps, the default iPhone maps app? Not at all, or not in its entirety. Find out more below.

This is where the question arises: do you have the ability to configure Google maps as the default location on the iPhone? The answer is yes, but in a few extraordinary ways. It is essential to know precisely what to do since the settings appear like something other than a direct.

There are many options to use Google Maps as default on iPhone. None of them is foolproof.

How to Set Gmail As Your Default Email App to Use Google Maps

You must use Gmail as your primary email program to view locations you’ve received via email within Google Maps.

Open Settings.

Scroll down your apps list and tap Gmail.

Install Gmail for iOS If you still need it.

Tap Default Mail App.

Tap Gmail.

Exit Settings and then open Gmail.

Click the menu icon at the upper left corner in the top left.

Scroll to the lower part of the menu and then tap Settings.

Tap Default apps.

Under Navigate from the location you are in, tap Google Maps, then under Navigate between locations, tap Google Maps again.

If you tap an address within an email within Gmail, You’ll be asked if you’d like to view it on Apple Maps or Google Maps.

How do I make Google Maps default on Apple CarPlay?

After four years after the launch, Apple has finally given the option of switching to the navigation app within CarPlay. Now, you can change Apple Maps with Google maps on your CarPlay in just a few steps. All you have for is –

Check that you are running iOS 12 on your iPhone and Google Maps with 5.0 or higher versions.

Then, go to the settings on your iPhone

Tap on General.

Go to CarPlay

Select the vehicle you want to use.

Slide the screen down to access Google maps. Make sure to hold it, and it will bring you back to the screen that is home.

Directly Opening Google Maps From the Address Link

Utilizing the address link, you could try a different trick to open the address directly within Google Maps.

When you encounter an address hyperlink on your iPhone, press long-press the address, and an open menu will pop up.

Choose”Copy Address. “Copy Address” option from the menu.

Launch “Google Maps.”

Copy the address and paste it into the Google Maps search bar to access it directly from the application.

What is the name of the Web Browser on the iPhone?

Like an Android cellphone, iPhone also has different web browsers.

The most popular and widely used web browser for iPhone is Safari. Safari for iPhone is similar to Google Chrome on android.

How can I create Google Maps as My Default Map?

Step 1: Make sure you swipe upwards from the lower part to the top.

Step 2: Start Google Maps. Step 2: Open the Google Maps app.

3: To search for Map layer options, on the upper right corner, click Layers.

Step 4: Choose the kind of map you wish to select: The default: A plain road view of the map.

How Is Google Maps Better Than Apple Maps?

Google Maps is far better than Apple maps, and there are many ways to use it.

Google Maps has more features than Apple maps. It is a user-friendly interface. It’s entirely free for downloading and use. Google Maps also has a street view feature, which can be superior to other mapping applications.

Is Apple Maps or Google Maps More Accurate?

Google Maps has been offering precise directions for years and is available worldwide. It’s also much more accurate than Apple Maps interpreting how traffic will impact your commute. In general, Google Maps is superior in this regard.

Final Thought

After being deceived by Apple Maps for a while, iPhone users have grown to love third-party maps like Google Maps. But, Apple has disabled the option to switch between Apple Maps in favor of third-party navigation programs as their default.

Some alternatives work on the iPhone’s different operating systems. However, we’re stuck with the options listed above until Apple lets users change Apple Maps with Google Maps. It could be more convenient and has frequently caused problems.

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