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how to set up roku tv without internet

Roku’s remote controls are another important feature that improves user experience. But what if you lose your remote?

It is possible. Therefore, I tried to figure out what I could accomplish in such a difficult situation.

To learn more about my options and to get help in case I lost my remote, I went online and used their forums.

This article sums up everything I’ve found so you can use your Roku without WiFi or the remote.

Connect your Roku cellular hotspot to your phone, and you can use it without WiFi or a remote. Set up the Roku Mobile App on your smartphone to control the Roku.

Roku: Can you use Roku without Internet?

In this scenario, Roku will function as an ordinary media device, playing local or remote storage content.

Some streaming services let you download content for offline use. If you have sufficient memory on your Roku device, you can download any content you wish to view to its internal or external storage, and then you can watch it on your TV.

However, not all services allow offline viewing of mobile devices. In this case, you’d need to mirror your smartphone’s Screen to your Roku and watch it on your Roku.

How can your smartphone screen be mirrored to your Roku TV? Continue reading for more information.

How do I use Roku even without WiFi or a remote?

Connect your Roku to your cell phone’s WiFi hotspot. This will allow you to use Roku wirelessly. Connect your phone to the Roku app to control the Roku.

The Complete Guide to RokuTV Without a Remote and WiFi: A Robot-Controlled home is Here. Roku TV is the most used streaming service available, requiring internet access to deliver content. Your Roku can be used even without a remote. Connect it to your phone’s cellular network. Find out how to mirror content to your Roku from your phone and set your phone up as a remote. If you don’t have WiFi but have Internet, your phone can act as a mirror for your TV. Alternatively, you could use your mobile hotspot to access the Internet. However, Roku will be more convenient as it already has internet access. You can use your smartphone to control Roku devices rather than the remote.

Roku TV, which is not connected to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet, can be used.

Access media content via USB sticks/SD card

Screen mirror, cast, or cast any smart gadget

Download media online and have them available offline

Access media content via USB sticks/SD card

Roku TVs feature a USB port and an SD card slot. You can access all your downloaded content through your Roku TV with either your USB stick (or SD card) without having to use the Internet or subscribe to any premium plans.

You can store offline content on an SD Card.

Roku TVs come with an access port for micro SD cards. A Roku can accept a micro SD Card to expand its internal storage and store more data. You can’t load movies or TV shows directly from an SD card when you plug in a USB storage.

You can use the SD card to save even more data. To do this, insert a micro SD card in the compatible Roku and format it.

You can follow these steps.

Step 1: Copy the media content from your SD card or USB stick to the computer and place it in the right slot.

STEP 2 Plug or slide your SD card or USB stick respectively into their correct place.

STEP 3 Open the Roku Media Player section from the home screen. This will allow you to view all the media content copied previously.

STEP 4 There you have it.

Screen mirror, cast, or cast any smart gadget.

Roku TV lets you access content stored on any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. It can be downloaded offline or even browsed the Internet. You can easily cast everything you’ve done on your phone onto Roku TV.

Let’s look at how it was done.

STEP 1. Go to Settings for your menu

STEP 2 Select System from the New Menu

STEP 3 Select Screen Mirroring

Another menu is displayed with the options Screen mirroring mode and Screen mirroring devices.

STEP 4 You can choose between Always allow and Prompt when selecting Screen mirroring mode. (I prefer Always Allow)

Step 5. Now choose the Screen mirroring device and pick up your phone.

STEP 6 Select Screen Mirroring (iOS) or Smart View (Android) based on the phone you use from the Control Center. Android phones have a swipe-up feature, while iOS phones can be swiped down.

STEP 7 You will see your Roku TV name on your mobile device under available devices. Next, you can tap on the icon to select it.

On your Roku TV, you will see a prompt telling you that your TV has not been connected to the Internet. You can choose to either set up a connection or continue.

STEP 8 Select Proceed

How do I locate my Roku IP Address without WiFi or a remote?

First, your Roku won’t have an address if it isn’t connected to a WiFi network. You can locate the IP address by connecting your Roku to WiFi using the abovementioned steps.

To access the Roku app, open Remote and click on the Home button.

Use the arrow pad to navigate to Settings >Network > About

You will first be able to see the name of your Roku network. Next, under the network name, you will see your IP address.

Additional Situations

Roku can still be used in limited situations without connecting to the Internet. But even so, it is possible to use Roku. If you have a data package on your phone or tablet and set up an offline network, then you can cast from your phone or tablet to the device. To access this information, Roku will require you to cast over the intranet.

Roku allows you to make a wireless Roku monitor if your computer is connected to an offline network. This simple but effective method allows you to view multiple items on one Screen. The device is limited to what you can do without an internet connection.

How can I connect my Roku TV and my iPhone?

There are many options for connecting your iPhone to Roku TV. The HDMI cable is one way to connect both devices. Another option is to use wireless connections. An iPhone with a built-in wireless receiver or Roku TV will be required to use a WiFi connection.

How do you connect your phone to Onn Roku with no WiFi?

There are many ways to connect your phone without WiFi to Onn Roku. You can use a USB cable to connect the Roku and your phone. An HDMI cable is another way to connect the Roku to your phone.

Roku uses the Internet for its purpose.

Roku channels, just like other apps and devices on your phone’s smartphone, require you to connect to the Internet for you to stream content from various services. Roku channels require that you connect your phone to the Internet. You can stream content from other services or use your phone as a storage device.

Once connected to WiFi, you can browse TV shows or movies available through Roku’s various channels.


Roku allows you to stream content from Roku devices without WiFi. You can connect to a mobile Hotspot with an unlimited data package. Content can be streamed through your SD Card, USB, or Hard Disk if you don’t have an internet connection.

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