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How to Set up Voicemail on Android

Although many of us would love our calling would disappear, it’s not an achievable idea. In the absence of emergencies, or routine family visits, most calls that reach your mobile are junk calls. You end up with an endless stream of voice messages that will pile up quicker than you can keep up with the volume. A few phone companies have taken extreme measures to fight the current junk mail format. However, you’ll need to enable Voicemail for Android.

Before the invention of smartphones with the latest technology, there was a time when you needed special business-grade landline phones and even an answering machine to record lost calls. Today, however, you can access your voicemails from the device inside the pocket of your bag! But here’s the catch you’ll need a little preparation work before using it.

This course will help you get your Voicemail accounts running on an Android-powered mobile. In the beginning, we’ll show how you can modify the settings for your voicemail account so that it’s configured correctly right from the beginning. After that, we’ll teach you how to set up the account in service.

How do you set up Voicemail for Android?

The procedure is fairly easy if you want to set your voice mail on your Android phone. It’s just a matter of knowing what to search for. We’ll help you with the procedure.

Set up your Voicemail in Android:

Launch the Phone application.

Click on the Keypad located in the lower-right corner.

Press and hold Number 1 to dial your Voicemail.

It will prompt you to provide a pin if you have already set up your Voicemail. If you forget it, reset it. You have forgotten the password.

If you’ve not created your Voicemail and don’t have it set up, you’ll receive the message, “No voicemail number is recorded on this card.”

Follow these steps to set up your Voicemail.

Hang up.

Hold and press the number for a second time. Input your PIN. You’re set!

How to Configure Visual Voicemail on Android

Android phones that run Android 6.0 or higher can include Visual Voicemail turned on as the service provider supports the feature. There are only some carriers that have Visual Voicemail support. However, some cost extra to get this feature. What can you do to use Visual Voicemail if your phone has it?

Start the phone app.

Tap Voicemail. The phone you are using, the voicemail button is usually located at the bottom or just next to the button for Start Call located on the Keypad.

On the upper-right side of the application, tap on the three dots. Then tap Settings.

Android phone that has a Voicemail icon. Three dots menu and settings options that are highlighted

Locate Voicemail within the search results and tap it.

Tap Visual Voicemail to turn it on. Visual Voicemail will appear on the Voicemail section of the Phone application.

There are also various notification options; you can even change the greeting you receive in your Voicemail setting.

Basic Phone Voicemail Setup

Press the 1-key to the dial pad until the phone dials the 10-digit number, or you hit the voicemail icon.

Your phone will be automatically connected to your mailbox, and you will be asked to input the temporary password. It is the 4th digit of your telephone number, and then the number key.

iPhone Voicemail Set Up

iPhones can access Voicemail using the 1-key to the dial-pad until the phone dials the 10-digit number or tap the voicemail icon on the right-hand side of the dial-pad’s screen.

The voicemail icon will direct you straight to your Voicemail. It will require your password. It is the 4th digit of your telephone number and then the # key.

How to Utilize Visual Voicemail

The ability to set up your Voicemail is great. However, you may get tired of calling in constantly to verify it. The most recent versions of Android come with an application called the Visual Voicemail app. You can view your voice messages, including the phone number to call, the day it was sent from, and the length of the message. It is a simple way to access your Voicemail; no further calling to find the messages.

Notification: If you do not use Visual Voicemail on your phone, Check if the carrier provides one. Searching on the Google Play Store for a third-party option is also possible.

It is possible to use Visual Voicemail by doing the following:

To begin, you must open the app for your phone and press the Visual Voicemail icon at the lower. Or, you can locate the application at the top of your screen on your phone’s home screen. You can also use your phone’s search function to locate “visual voicemail.”

Press the Play icon to hear your desired message to hear. Using the slider, you can also use playback features, including pause/play, skipping ahead, or back. Finally, click the speaker icon to hear messages through the speakers.

For access to the app’s settings to access the app’s settings, tap three dots located in the upper right corner, then tap Settings.

You can alter your greeting, password, create multiple notifications, and so on by visiting your Settings page.

How to Setup Google Voice

Setting up Google Voice means finalizing different settings and customizing your Voicemail service’s settings. This primarily involves setting an updated greeting for the callers. If you’re making this your first attempt, we’ll guide you through the whole procedure by taking each step one at one time.

1. start your browser on your computer, then navigate to the official website, Google Voice.

2. Click here to sign in Google Account. Google Account.

3. press the Settings button at the top left-hand corner of the screen.

4. Go to the Voicemail as well as the Text tab.

5. Now, select the Record New greeting button.

6. Choose a name for the recorded audio message, then press the button to continue. The name will be the title of your greeting file.

7. Then, you’ll be notified via your Android phone. You should pick it up and then speak your greeting when asked.

8. The greeting message is recorded and added to your Voicemail Greeting row. You can listen and play to the message and record it again if you’re unsatisfied with the outcome.

9. Google Voice also allows you to modify settings such as PIN calls, call forwarding, messages, transcripts, and other settings like call forwarding, notifications, and transcripts. Explore the different options to customize your voice within your Google Voice settings.

10. After you finish, close the Settings, and your Voicemail service will be in place and functioning.

What is the best way to use Visual Voicemail on Android?

For access to Visual Voicemail on your Android phone, launch your Visual Voicemail app to view the voicemails you have received. You can listen to or delete them and manage the messages in any sequence. If you’d like to see the text of every message on Android, sign up for Visual Voicemail Premium. Visual Voicemail.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that method one allows a basic provider voicemail service to be set up. If it is expensive, using Google Voice as an alternative is highly recommended. In addition, Google Voice offers more features than the basic voicemail service.

No matter which method you pick, be sure to comply with all the directions regarding setting up voice mail for Android. As feel you are free to post any queries in the comments below.

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