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How To Share Playlist On Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the top streaming services for listening to music. It has an amazing range of tracks and artists. Through Apple Music, you’ll gain access to millions of artists and unlock specialist features like lossless music or spatial audio.

If you’ve made playlists on Apple Music, you might be interested in sharing the playlists with your family and friends. The purpose of playlists is to be shared and enjoyed in the end. If you’re interested in knowing how to share your playlist on Apple Music, follow these steps.

What to do to set up your Apple Music Profile

Although Apple has decided to stop trying to manage its platform for social networking exclusively for music, you’ll need to create an Apple Music profile before sharing your playlist.

Sharing options will be visible once you’ve created your profile. For this, follow these steps:

Launch your Apple Music App on or off your iPhone or iPad.

Select your profile image at the top right on the Listen Now tab.

Tap to set up your profile.

Follow the instructions on the screen to create a username. Discover contacts, connect with friends, and select who you can follow.

Once your profile is set up After that, you can select which playlists you’d like to feature in your account.

How to share Apple Music Playlists

Share Apple Music playlists differ slightly between mobile devices and computers, So we’ve included the steps below for each.

It’s important to remember that any person who you share your playlist with will also require an Apple Music subscription to listen to the playlist you share. If they’re using Spotify instead, follow our step-by-step guide to move the playlist to Spotify and share the playlist this way.

It’s possible that if you follow our directions, you will not be able to see”Share Playlist” “Share Playlist” button. Likely, you still need to create your own Apple Music Profile, and we’ve got a solution for that further down.

Share Playlists with friends on iPhone and iPad.

For sharing a playlist via your smartphone, launch your Apple Music application, click the Library icon near the lower right of the screen, then choose Playlists.

Select the playlist you would like to share, and then tap it. Tap the three dots icon located near the center of the display. In the menu that opens, select “Share Your Playlist.”

Sharing Playlists on Apple Music for iPhone and Ipad

To share music, you’ll require a profile.

Step 1: Go into the Library section of the Music app.

Step 2: Select Playlists.

Step 3: Select the playlist you would like to share. Click a contact you recently made up to the top and use AirDrop with other devices nearby. Then, you can decide to share via email or social media.

To browse through additional options, move left or right using the shortcuts in the app. Certain apps let you include the email address. You can also click the “Copy” button to save the email address to your playlist and copy it to any location you’d like.

Step 4. Tap the three dots icon located at the very top of the page to display the menu in a pop-up.

How do I share the Album with Apple Music?

If you are a fan of an album by an artist and want your friends to hear this album, too, Apple Music lets you download it to share with others.

Follow these steps to share your album on Apple Music:

1. Launch the Apple Music application.

2. Look up the album you wish to share, or find the album in the library.

3. Open the album and click the three dots.

4. Choose “Share.”

5. You can share the album using any available apps or copy the URL.

What Can I Do to Find Out What My Friends Are Listening to?

You’ll find out what tracks your peers listen to with just a few clicks.

1. Start the Apple Music application.

2. Tap “Listen Now.”

3. Tap “Friends Are Listening To.”

If you’re looking to learn more about a specific individual, follow these steps you can access their profile:

1. Launch the Apple Music application.

2. Log in to your account.

3. Find the person you are looking for in the section of “Following” (or “Followers” Click on the profile photo.

  • How to Share Playlists with Your Computer
  • Start iTunes on either your Mac or computer.
  • Choose the playlist you would like to make available for sharing.
  • Click the three dots (three dots) button to display the context menu.
  • Move your mouse over the Share Playlist to view the options for sharing.
  • It’s that simple. It. If you’re on Mac or iPhone when you’ve completed these steps, you need to click or select the sharing option you like and follow the prompts Apple gives you to select one of your friends to share the information with.


In this article, Fidlar will show you how to make an Apple Music collaboration playlist. It also teaches you how to share a collaborative Apple Music playlist. If you’ve got any concerns regarding sharing the playlist on Apple Music, please feel at ease to ask them via the comment section below.

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