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How To Stream Movies From Pc To Android

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most powerful tools that allows you to mirror the PC’s screen to Android. In addition, the program also comes with additional advantages. Since it’s cross-platform, the person using Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac can use it effectively.

All you have to do is follow these steps to mirror your computer screen using Google Remote Desktop.
Download Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android device and computer. Chrome Remote Desktop on your smartphone and your PC.
Open the app and select the option “Access another computer.”
Once you have done that, select the choice of “Access.”
It would be best to input the PIN to connect to your personal computer.
By doing this, the screen of your PC mirrors your Android device.


Another helpful tool to mirror PC Screens to Android is the LetsView application. It is possible to use the app across various platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linus Devices. To use this application, you must follow the instructions in the following paragraphs:

Download the LetsView application, then complete the installation procedure on your PC and Android smartphone.
Click on the choice of “Click Screen Mirroring” on your computer.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to insert the pin on your Android phone, and your PC Screen will begin to show.

Nero Receiver

The Nero Receiver app is one of the most effective apps that mirror your PC Screen to Android. The app allows you to stream the documents saved on your PC. It can work in conjunction with DLNA and UPnP servers. You must follow the following steps for using this app.

Get”Nero Reciever “Nero Reciever” on your PC.
Go to the upper-right corner, then select”Play To” from the top-right corner “Play To” option.
Once you have done that, select one of the Android devices you want to stream from your PC to Android.
After that, select the slideshow or video playlist from Nero Media Home. Nero Media Home.
Hit Play to start streaming using your Android phone.

VLC Player

Another suitable app that can mirror computer screens onto Android is VLC Player. The app also can work in conjunction with WiFi. It is easy to connect to this server to download it. VLC media player. It can also support a wide variety of file formats supporting subtitles. This lets you use it as the “remote control” for the VLC player. Follow the steps below for the most effective methods to utilize it.

Install the VLC application on your PC as well as your Android smartphone.
Navigate to “settings” and then click on the option “Play videos in Background.”
Once you have done that, click “Windows Control” and select “Network and Sharing.”
You must select “Home Group.”
An option list of several choices appears to stream your PC content to Android.
When you’ve made your choice, click the “Finish. You are now completed.”


Another app that streams PC data onto Android can be found in Tonido. This app is available completely free. Sharing audio files, images, photos, and documents through this application is also simple. Additionally, the app offers no storage limits, which is fantastic. The app lets you download the app, edit it, and upload it back.

Mirror PC screen on Android

The app is compatible with a variety of formats of files that can smooth the playback function. The files can be saved to play them offline.

  • Install the Tonido application on your mobile device or PC.
  • Both devices can be connected using the identical WiFi.
  • Choose the files you would like to share via your Android device.
  • That’s it. You are done. This way, streaming videos, transferring songs, files, etc., is possible. From your computer onto your Android device.

The app is the only app that mirrors computer screens onto Android. It can recognize the DLNA servers to stream. The interface of the application is straightforward to navigate. The app has various features and lets users stream multiple media.

Install and download the app install the application on your computer and your Android phone.
Open the settings and then connect the devices.
When you’ve completed the process, open your Media Library and click “Window Shares.”
Select the desired files to stream directly from your computer onto your Android device.


Plex is an excellent option if you’re looking for an efficient application that streams PC data to Android and vice versa. The app is compatible with diverse platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. To get started, download your Plex application and begin streaming. The following are the instructions to turn Plex to mirror your content.

  • Download and install “Plex Media Server” on your PC.
  • Start the application and then choose the Sign-in option.
  • After registering an account, you must enter your username and password to sign in.
  • Choose a name to be used to be used for the server.
  • Then, select the “Add Library” button to create the library you want to add to your media.
  • Click “browse for media folder” and select the directory on your system to include media files.
  • Click on”Done” to complete the setup “Done” option to complete the form.
  • The data in the library’s libraries will start display on display.
  • You have completed the setup process for Plex on your personal computer.

Following the steps above, it is time to connect your Android phone to your PC. This will allow the stream to start immediately on your phone.


A reputable and well-known application to stream PC content into Android is Windows MirrorGo. It works with Android devices and tablets. In addition, it works using the application Google TV. Using the data stored in the cloud service and local networks is easy. In addition, the app supports the streaming of XBMC, Windows Media Player, and Android devices. You will require the Plex server Plex to use this app.

The first step is to install the Plex server onto your PC.
After that, click on”The “Add Folder” option to select the streaming files.
Verify that your Android device and the PC are connected to the same WiFi network.
Choose the media player you want for mirroring the screen of your PC on Android.

So, you can effortlessly stream your PC onto Android devices by using these apps. It is now possible to utilize any Android device for streaming. Additionally, these steps will aid in understanding the setup and then successfully finish the procedure.

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