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How To Turn Off Screen Time

Screen Time is a parental and security application that can be used to limit the duration that your device is in use. Using this feature, the alarm will go out if the code has yet to be entered within the time limit set by the app. You can access any screen once it’s been locked by entering the wrong digits like before.

But there’s a problem Screentime is using different codes than we’ve come to expect in unlocking phones. Learn how to disable Screen Time without the Passcode.

How do you turn off your Screen Time Passcode on your iPhone or iPad using the Passcode?

If you’re aware that you have a Screen Time passcode and you would like to remove this Passcode from or off your iPhone or iPad, this section can aid you in the process.

As long as you remember the Passcode, it’s simply a matter of entering the Passcode and then selecting an option to deactivate it on the device. This article will show exactly how to do this using an iOS device.

  • Open the Settings app on the device’s springboard and tap Screen Time. This will display the menu for feature settings.
  • If you see the Screen Time menu opens on your screen, you can tap the option that reads to change the Screen Time Passcode. Even though it says to change the Passcode, it lets you disable the Passcode too.
  • A prompt will be displayed, offering two options to select from. Select the option that reads Switch off Screen Time Passcode. It will enable you to disable the Passcode for your device.
  • Enter your Passcode. Your Screen Time passcode will be disabled.
  • You can remove your Screen Time passcode using the iPhone and iPad features.

How do I turn off Screen Time Without Passcode by Factory Reset?

One of the simplest methods is resetting settings and contents and resetting screen time passcodes on an iPhone and iPad. This method is appropriate for those who want to know how to unblock the screen time passcodes without a computer because all you must do is use your gadget.

However, you must be aware that this approach will result in losing all your data and settings currently accessible to your mobile device. This is why when you plan to use this method to figure out how to turn away screen time, first spend a few minutes backing up your iOS device. Once you have backed up the device, follow these steps to understand how to switch off screen time with no passcode.

  • Start the Settings app on your device.
  • Go to your General settings.
  • On the next screen, Scroll down, then tap Reset.
  • The next screen lists every item you can change on the device. You must select to erase all settings and content.

Then, you’ll have to follow the additional instructions displayed on the screen to begin the factory reset of your device. After your device is completely reset and booting up, you can see it has been set to Screen Time is disabled successfully. It is also a method to resolve the issue of resetting your screen time passcode.

Turn off Screen Time Passcode via iTunes(Data Loss)

To disable the timer on your screen using iTunes, it is necessary to reset the factory settings on your iPhone. First, you must ensure that you’ve turned off Find My, then proceed to the next steps.

  • On your PC, launch iTunes and connect to your iPhone.
  • If prompted, enter your Passcode.
  • Once iTunes recognizes your iPhone choose Summary and Restore [deviceto factory default settings.

Tips: For those who don’t want the loss of your important data, you can use Backup Now to make backups of your iPhone before you click “Restore.”

  • Click the restore button again to confirm the procedure.
  • After your device has been restored to factory settings, you will notice that the Screen Time will be turned off, and you’ll be required to set up every one of the iPhone features again.

What Should You Do After Resetting the Screen Time?

If you deactivate Screen Time on your iPhone, it does not record your activities, and you cannot see your usage statistics. It is recommended that you keep this feature on. After you change Screen Time, you can enable it again for your iPhone.

Go to Settings > click the Screen Time > To turn it on.

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