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How to Turn on Roku TV Without Remote

Roku televisions have been deemed trustworthy smart TVs, primarily to stream various movies on paid or free channels. It has screencasting capabilities like AirPlay and can be used with the most popular intelligent assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google. When you purchase the Roku TV, it always comes with a remote that is specifically designed for it.

But, there are some rare occasions where the Remote that controls your Roku TV is lost or damaged. In this article, we’ll explain the steps to operate the functions of your Roku TV without a remote and perform easy tasks like connecting the Roku TV to wifi without using a remote.

Switch on Roku TV without the remote by using the Roku app

A mechanical switch on Roku TV is typically used to turn it on. Roku TV. However, even with that, you can make use of Roku apps to control the Roku TV through your Smart Phone.

The steps required to accomplish the process are as shown below.

Step 1: The first step is to download the Roku application on your smartphone through either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Step 2: All you need to connect is your mobile or Roku TV to the same wifi network.

Step 3: What you have to do is to open the Roku app, then go to the device that is below it.

Step 4: It displays the Roku device. Click Remote. It then displays the remote key. By using them, you are able to operate the TV.

The drawback of this program is that it does not work when the TV is turned off. (You could follow similar things with the TCL TV that runs Android; however, you’ll need to make use of a different application to accomplish this.)

How to use Your Roku without the Remote

To operate to use your Roku device with no remote, install the Roku app on your tablet or smartphone. Connect the device using it to the wifi connection of you connect your Roku player. After that, select Devices in the app and select to select Remote.

Install and download the Roku application. The Roku app is accessible through the Google Play Store for Android devices as well as on it is also available on the Apple App Store on iPhones along with other Apple devices.

Be aware that there are numerous third-party apps available, so be sure you select the official Roku app. Roku Inc.

Start the application and follow the instructions. If you are the first time using the Roku app, you’ll need to sign the terms and conditions and follow a short tutorial.

Tap Devices. It will be at the bottom of the screen. If it’s your first experience using the app, you’ll have to click OK to let it locate the Roku devices.

Next, select your Roku device.

After that, tap on the Remote icon. You’ll see this plus-shaped icon when you have tapped on your device.

You can also make use of the remote included in it to operate your TV. You are able to continue using apps on your phone to manage your Roku player for as long as you like. But, ensure that your phone, as well as your Roku player, are on the same wifi network.

This method is suitable for anyone who has lost their Roku remote at home. But, this isn’t the case when you’re in the hotel or cannot connect to that identical wifi connection that the Roku device was before connected to.

How do you connect Roku with wifi without a Remote

At this moment, you’ve connected your phone directly to the Roku streaming media device, as well as Roku TV and switched it on. You can now use the same app for smartphones in order to link the Roku device to the wifi network. There are two options for connecting to wifi. Roku streaming device wifi without the use of a remote. For more information, read our comprehensive guide on connecting your Roku via wifi without the use of a remote.

How Can I Control my TCL Roku TV Without a Remote?

If you don’t have a remote for controlling your Roku TV, then you’ll require a smartphone equipped with the Roku app installed or another remote app for your TV. It is also possible to make use of the power buttons located on the bottom or side panel.

Try using a satellite or cable remote.

Another alternative is to use one of the remotes you’ve got to switch on your television.

Satellite and cable remotes work well with Roku TVs. So if you own one, think about setting it up to work with your TV!

Here are all of the Roku remote codes that you might need.

Find the code on the chart below and follow the directions from the service you are using to set up your satellite or cable remote.

Be aware that there aren’t every buttons on the Roku TV remote that can be programmed to buttons on your satellite or cable remote.

Final Thoughts

To resolve other issues with the Roku remote, such as the volume button not working or the remote not connecting, you can try the latest Roku remote.

Resetting the Roku can be done even when you don’t own a remote. All you require to do is download the Roku mobile application.

Casting your Roku isn’t dependent on the internet to connect; all it requires is for both of the devices to be connected to the same network.

It’s a great option for those who have lost internet access, and you’ve got content on other devices to enjoy.

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