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How To Undo Incognito Mode On Android?

Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode is a pretty exciting feature. It lets you protect your browsing history while using a public device or a device belonging to someone else. It can also be used on your device for personal reasons.

But when it comes down to your children, specifically minors, then Incognito Mode is not such a good idea. They can access your computer at home and get access to any internet-connected fruit they wish, without you knowing about it. This is why having the ability to block from using Incognito Mode is a must.

How to Disable Incognito Mode on Chrome Android?

  1. First step, close and delete from the Incognito Tab notification in the status bar. To do this, open the notification bar to begin.
  2. After that, click on the Incognito tab and close all incognito window
  3. Then, you click the Incognito tab. After that, close all incognito windows
  4. If you click it, the incognito mode icon will disappear, and all incognito tabs within Google Chrome will be closed.

This is how you can close and eliminate the Incognito Tab icon in the status bar on Android phones.

If we employ incognito mode in other browsers, it won’t appear as it does. It could be that Chrome has been chosen as the primary browser; it displays a similar sign.

How do I disable the incognito mode of Chrome?

Yes, you can eliminate the incognito feature from Chrome. Launch Chrome and then click in the triangle that appears in the upper right-hand part of your browser’s window for this to be done. Choose “Settings” and then “Privacy & Security.” On the “Incognito Mode” page, under “How do I turn on incognito browsing?” Click on the button on the right side of “Enabled.

Disabling Incognito Mode on Android Device?

There are various ways to disable the anonymous feature in Android devices.
One option is to open the Settings menu and select “Privacy.”
You can switch the “Incognito Mode” switch to “Off.”
Another way is to open the Chrome browser on your device and visit chrome://flags/#enable-incognito-mode.
From this page, you can switch on the “Enable Incognito Mode” switch to “On.

How to Close Incognito Tabs on Google Chrome?

If you’ve wondered how to close an incognito browser when you open it within Google Chrome, you can do it. Google Chrome browser is pretty simple.

One method to accomplish this is to pull down the notification shade. A notification informs you that you have an incognito browser open on Google Chrome. Tap this notification to end any open incognito tabs.

You can also go to Google Chrome. Google Chrome application. In the upper-right corner, you will see the tabs icon, a rounded rectangular square with a number inside it. This will launch an option to switch tabs. It will open the regular Chrome tabs, but you’ll notice the incognito icon at the top of the window. It will display glasses and a hat.

How do I go between normal and incognito?

To switch to incognito or normal mode: 1. Launch Chrome. Open the Chrome menu and click the three lines located in the upper right part of your browser’s window.

  1. Click on “Settings”.
  2. Under “Privacy”, click on “Incognito Mode”.
  3. Within the “Incognito Mode” dialogue box, select the checkbox adjacent to “Use incognito for this site”.

How can you erase Incognito History on Android?

Clearing the Stock Browser

You can open and use the Internet browser. If you’re running Android 4.0 or older, your browser will be named “Internet”.
Press the Menu icon. You can either press the Menu button. Or tap your menu button located in the upper-right corner.
Tap Settings.
Tap Privacy.
Tap “Clear History”.

By using a third-party app

Another way to disable the anonymous feature in Android smartphones is to utilize an application from a third party. The app will block incognito tabs immediately using your Google Chrome browser and request the user to enter a password each time they try. Incognito tab blockers were created exclusively for parents who wish to stop their children from using the internet privately or being exposed to harmful things.

Below are some blockers for private tabs to use with Google Chrome. You can purchase them from the Play Store at a low price, and they are simple to set up.

Incognito Away
In coquito
However, blocking private tabs with applications might not be the most appropriate option. Of course, it’s only on Google Chrome, and if you have an intelligent child (not even technologically adept), it could not be a problem. Your child may switch to another browser or eliminate the app.

However, you could restrict your child’s ability to alter the application by protecting the app with an App Lock. Many TECNO or Infinix phones have an extremely secure, built-in App Locker. Even if your phone doesn’t, plenty of them is available on the Play Store.


I hope you know how to disable the Incognito feature in the Chrome browser on Android. If these steps prove helpful, please be sure to share these steps with your acquaintances and aid them. Please let us know via the comments below for any additional questions and queries. Don’t forget to leave feedback for us!

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