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How to Use Waypoints and Backtrack on an Apple Watch

Its Apple Watch tops the list of the top-selling smartwatches worldwide, and it’s not without reason. In the Far Out event on September 7, 2022, the tech giant debuted its new Apple Watch, which includes the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and watchOS 9.

Backtrack utilizes the GPS feature on Your Apple Watch to make a virtual breadcrumb trail of your travel route, so you don’t have to fret about tracking where you’re heading. Based on Apple, Backtrack is designed to be used in remote locations far from places you know, such as your workplace or home, and in areas that aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. It’s not a problem using it wherever you want it.

Create Points for Waypoints Your Apple Watch

To create a Waypoint for the Apple Watch, launch the Compass app and tap the “Waypoint” icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Tap the “Label” field to provide the location with the name you want, and scroll down to pick the color and icon. Then, at the end of the screen, you can switch to the “Show Waypoint” option to conceal or show the place within the Compass dial.

If you have enabled “Show Waypoint,” the Waypoint will be displayed in the Compass dial. It is possible to scroll through the Digital Crown while viewing the Compass to switch the perspective to get an improved view.

A list of your Waypoints is also included on the Compass menu, accessible by the button in the upper-left right-hand corner. Click on the Waypoint to modify the label, color, or icon. Swipe left on the Waypoint and follow by tapping “X” to erase it.

If you own An Apple Watch Ultra, you can also utilize the Action Button (on the left side of the device) to create Waypoints. To set this up, go to Settings >> Settings Action Button on your Apple Watch and select “Waypoint” in the menu.

What exactly are Compass Waypoints and Backtrack features?

The latest lineup of Apple Watches has an array of brand-new features. These include Crash Detection, Low Power Mode, and Apple Watch Waypoint navigation. Compass Waypoints and Backtrack are brand-new Apple Watch features with the redesigned Compass.

The Compass app now has an alternative view that gives you a digital picture and an analog dial for the Compass. Turning the dial on your wristwatch’s Digital Crown gives you an additional idea that displays pertinent information about your location, such as latitude and longitude, elevation, and incline.

What’s more? It also displays an orienteering display that includes the Compass Waypoints and Backtracks features integrated into the software.

Compass Waypoints lets you conveniently and quickly record the app’s points of interest or other locations. Tap the Compass Waypoint icon or click the Apple Watch Ultra action button to drop a waypoint. Apple Watch Ultra to drop the Waypoint.

When you pick a point, the device will show you a specific overview of the location taken by the end and an approximate estimate of the distance it’s from you.

Backtrack uses GPS to generate a visible track based on where were. Suppose your device recognizes that you have strayed off the grid, and then the Backtrack feature will automatically turn on as background. It assists you in finding your way back in case you’ve lost your way or are confused.

How do you create and show the compass waypoints?

Compass waypoints can be used to erase important waypoints so that you can use your Apple Watch can help you identify what distances and directions lie between these waypoints. To begin using this feature, follow these steps:

  • Start the Compass application.
  • Hit open the Compass Waypoint icon. It appears to be an arrow within an ad-hoc message window.
  • You can customize the point of departure by adding markers and selecting a color or symbol. Click Done.
  • Find the Waypoint on the Compass, and tap it on any of the three screens. Then rotate to the Digital Crown to select the Waypoint, then click Select. You will see the distance and direction of the chosen Waypoint. For example, you could see something similar to “2,5 millimeters to the right”.
  • Scroll down to view the Waypoint location on the map, along with the coordinates.

Include Compass Waypoint complications to your Apple Watch face

If you want to go to a particular waypoint, such as your tent or car that you park in, You can include a waypoint in the watch’s Face and add it as a Complement.

Apple Watch complications are small pieces of information from specific applications you would like to show on your watch’s Face. This allows you to quickly return and navigate through the waypoints you’ve set up or the previous ones you’ve seen.

With the watch face on you, hold and touch the watch face until you can tap Edit.
Watch faces with challenges are located on the bottom screen, which means you have to move left to get to the bottom.
Choose a complication to tap and turn on the Digital Crown to Compass Waypoints. You can then do any of these:
Tap one of the three first listed waypoints to include it as an additional Complication.

  • Tap More to select waypoints, Last Viewed Waypoint, or Parked Car Waypoints.
    Save your modifications using the Digital Crown. Press the Face to make it the default one.
    On the watch face, you can tap the complication on your watch Face to open the Waypoint in Compass. Compass app.

More GPS details and compass directions

It’s great that these tools to avoid being lost in the wilderness aren’t just for Apple Watch Ultra. Apple Watch Ultra. Even those who don’t participate in hikes or excursions and don’t want to invest in a costly smartwatch can rely on these GPS functions.

A few sources suggest it is possible that Apple Watch’s GPS capabilities could be affected by using straps made of steel. If you rely on waypoints and backtrack with the compass application, it’s best to utilize a plastic or fabric strap with your Apple Watch.

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