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How To Wire A Lamp With Multiple Bulbs

The wiring of a lamp with one bulb is easy. But if there are multiple bulbs (e.g. table or floor lamps), you will need to learn how to wire them.

Many floors and table lamps are equipped with multiple bulbs. If you are given clear and thorough instructions, it is not difficult to wire these bulbs. Multiple-bulb lamps are much more complex than single-bulb lamps.

Take down your lamp

First, make sure that the lamp is turned off. First, remove the cover/shade and wire cap housing. These are how to wire a two-bulb lamp. Next, you will need to remove the outer shell of each bulb socket to expose the wire connections. You can gently remove the wire nuts that secure it and then unscrew them.

Replace the Old Wires

A new lamp wire will improve the lamp’s shine. Be sure to choose the right size. Notice that the wire is composed of two connected seams. Take them apart and cut each one to a length that is 2 inches. Then, both light bulbs will glow equally. Next, remove the insulation from both ends to expose the copper in the wire.

How to wire a multiple-bulb lamp

If you have ever had to disassemble a lamp, you will know that sometimes the wiring inside can be confusing. While it may seem easy, when you add multiple bulbs, there are bound to be some difficulties. Don’t worry, and we are here to assist.

Disconnect the Lamp from its Wiring

The first thing to do is disconnect the lamp. The pop-off cap should be easy to remove. Once you’re done with that, remove your outer shell from the bulb socket.

Doing so will expose both the metal socket inside and the wire connections. Now disconnect both the wire nut connection and the screw connections.

Connect the cables

Conduct the cables through your lamps. The big ones should go up through your bottom, and the shorter ones should go through your outlet holes.

It would be best if you took your time, as this is a complicated task. Take care not to damage the cables or cause them to kink.

You might need a pair of tweezers or syringes to grab the wires’ ends.

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