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how to zoom in on mac

If you’re experiencing difficulty seeing parts of the desktop on your Mac, make use of the Zoom accessibility tool that magnifies that portion of your screen you want to see.

Accessibility features of Apple’s macOS offer a variety of ways to personalize the user experience so that the maximum number of people to utilize the Mac. There are many options available to users; one is Zoom which can magnify the display size.

It is crucial for those who have visual impairments. However, it’s also useful for those who can see clearly for daily work. High-resolution displays are available that are available the text or other elements could be too small to be read by the naked eye, making the magnifying power of the screen extremely useful.

This article will show you how to use Zoom for your work.

How To Master Mac Zoom In No Time

Zoom for Mac can be described as a screen magnification feature built into most Apple products. Zoom allows you to zoom into (literally) everything that is displayed on your screen when using applications that allow zooming, such as photographs, websites, videos, documents, and more. It is also possible to enlarge your entire screen by using accessibility Zoom for hard-to-read text and images on your system.

For Zoom to be activated, Mac users can use keys, and keyboard shortcuts, including mouse scroll, keyboard, and trackpad gestures that they can choose. We’ll look at each of them.

What do I do when my Mac screen has been zoomed?

Keyboard Shortcut

Simple keyboard shortcuts are another method of zooming inside and out on the Macbook Pro.

For zooming in: press Control and the + (plus) keys simultaneously. Utilize these keys to adjust the zoom to suit your needs.

For zooming out: press the Command key as well as (minus) key simultaneously. (minus) key simultaneously.

Set up a few shortcuts that allow you to zoom in or out on the whole Mac screen. What you have to accomplish:

1. Click the Apple logo at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2: On the drop-down menu, select “System Preferences (System Settings on macOS Ventura and above).” Click”Accessibility. “Accessibility” icon to open the tab.

Step 3: Under step 3, in the “Accessibility” section, click “Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.” Select the checkbox beside “Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.”

Step 4. Set the zoom-in feature to the key combination of Option + Command and (+ (plus). The zoom-out function should be set using the combination Key Command, Option and (minus). (minus).

You can turn off Zoom by pressing Option + Command + 8.

Zoom into and out of Mac with the trackpad.

To zoom into one window with the trackpad, hold two fingers to open it. To zoom out of the trackpad, hold two fingers shut.

This is how you can make touch bar zoom available for all of the Mac displays:

On the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

In the Accessibility section, select Zoom.

Choose to use scroll gestures with key modifiers to increase the zoom.

Select the Modifier key: Control Option, Command or Control

Hold the modifier key, and increase the scrolling speed to zoom in.

Use the modifier key to move the modifier key to scroll downward.

Change your display resolution.

As per users’ feedback, occasionally, the MacBook screen may be distorted due to the display resolution. It’s a small issue that you can resolve easily by changing the resolution of your Display. For this, take these steps:

Click on the Apple menu, and then select System Preferences.

Then head to the Displays section, then click Display.

Choose Scaled and select an alternative resolution.

The Macbook screen zoomed in to change the resolution.

This may be a minor issue; however, it could become quite irritating. But, it is possible to fix the issue by making use of the zoom-out gesture or the zoom-out shortcut. If you find this post useful, please post a comment in the box in the comments section below.


We have provided various ways to zoom in or out with your Mac. It is possible to do this using quick keys with your trackpad or mouse. Mac has additional customizable options for zooming in and out on your desktop. You can find them under the System Preferences Accessibility and set up the easiest method to utilize the Zoom option on your personal computer.

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