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hyundai dashboard symbols and meanings

Hyundai dashboard symbols and meanings can be a little confusing at first. But once you know what they mean, they can help you out while driving. In this article, we will examine the different symbols on Hyundai’s dashboard and their meaning.

Hyundai Symbolism

Hyundai’s dashboard symbols and meanings are a little more complex than most. For example, a few different representations of Hyundai’s lion could have various purposes.

One of the most commonly used symbols is the “Y” shape, which stands for youth. The “Y” is present on the centre console in many Hyundai models, representing both Hyundai’s youthful energy and its ambition to stay ahead of the competition.

The “H” shape also represents Hyundai. It appears on the centre console in models like the Sonata and Elantra, and it is meant to represent strength and durability. The “H” is also a symbol of hope, which is what Hyundai hopes to bring to its customers through its vehicles.

Another common symbol is the octagon. This shape is found on the centre console in models like Santa Fe and Genesis, representing harmony. The octagon reflects Hyundai’s philosophy of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing vehicles.

Hyundai Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

A few different symbols and meanings can be found on the dashboard of a Hyundai vehicle. Here is a look at some of the more common ones.

 The Hyundai logo is found on the centre console in most models. It is surrounded by four circles, one for each of Hyundai’s core brands: Kia, Genesis, Sonata, and Elantra. The logo represents both unity and quality.

The “H” in the logo is also a symbol for “Hyundai.” It is seen on many vehicles as part of the instrument cluster or on the side of the car near the door. It stands for hope, strength, and progress.

The “I” in the logo represents innovation, while the “K” represents quality. Hyundai strives to provide its customers with durable and affordable products.

The company’s slogan, “The Most Dependable Name in Vehicles,” can be found on some vehicles above the windshield wiper. It is meant to reflect Hyundai’s commitment to providing its customers with quality vehicles that will last long into the future.

Hyundai dashboard symbols and meanings

Hyundai dashboard symbols and meanings are essential to keep in mind when driving your car. Knowing these symbols and their meanings can help to avoid accidents and make driving easier.

The first symbol you’ll likely see on the dashboard of a Hyundai is the triangle. This indicates that the car is in the park or neutral. The following symbol you’ll probably notice is the “H” sign. This suggests that the vehicle is in high gear. The third symbol you’ll likely see is the “C” sign. This stands for “clutch.” The fourth symbol you’ll probably notice is the “B” sign. This means that the car is in reverse. Finally, the fifth symbol you’ll likely see on a Hyundai dash is the “A” sign. This indicates that the vehicle is neutral and ready to go forward.

Hyundai dashboard layout

The Hyundai dashboard is well-organized and easy to navigate. Each section of the dashboard has its symbol and meaning, which can be easily identified by looking at the layout. The following describes each section of the Hyundai dashboard and its corresponding character and meaning.

The first section of the Hyundai dashboard is the main screen, where you will find all of the vehicle’s primary controls. This includes the engine speed, fuel level, air conditioner temperature, and navigation system controls. This section will also find the car’s clock and stereo system.

To the right of the main screen is a row of icons representing different vehicle functions. These icons include mirrors, headlights, horns, power windows, and locks. Beneath these icons are buttons that activate these functions.

Below the icons is a row of gauges that track important vehicle metrics. These gauges include a speedometer in kilometres per hour (km/h), a tachometer in revolutions per minute (RPM), a fuel gauge in gallons (L), and an oil pressure gauge in psi (bar), and a temperature gauge in degrees Celsius (°C).

To the left of the main

How to change Hyundai dashboard icons

There are a few different icons on the dashboard of most Hyundai vehicles. This guide will show you how to change the icons on your Hyundai’s dashboard.

You’ll first need to locate the symbol that corresponds with the icon you want to change.

For example, the “Check Engine” light on an engine-driven car needs to be changed to a “Service Engine Soon” light. The symbol for this is “E”.

To find this symbol, open the car’s owner’s manual and look for the diagram of the car’s interior.

Once you’ve located the “E” symbol, you must go to your dashboard’s main menu and select “Symbols & Information.”

From here, you can select “Special Features” and then “Icons.”

Now, under “Icons,” you’ll see a list of symbols. Find the one that corresponds with your desired icon and press OK.

You’ll then see a new icon appear on your dashboard. Repeat these steps for any other icons that need to be changed.

How to change Hyundai dashboard layout

Most Hyundai models come standard with a two-panel dashboard. This layout can be changed to suit your individual needs and preferences. The following are the different layouts available on most Hyundai models:

1) The traditional Korean-style dashboard with four square buttons in the top left corner.

 2) A more modern three-panel layout with a central information display, flanked by a pair of larger auxiliary shows on the right and left sides.

 3) A hybrid layout that combines elements of both the traditional and modern styles.

 4) An all-digital dashboard with no physical buttons or displays. Instead, you access information and settings through a series of menus accessed through the car’s infotainment system.

First, locate the “Layout” button on the centre console to change your Hyundai dashboard layout. This will bring up a menu listing all the different forms available on your car. Choose the one you want to use, and press “OK.” The new design will automatically be applied to the car’s central information screen. You can also change your design at any time by pressing “Layout” again while in driving mode or by accessing the car’s settings menu (usually accessed through the “gear” button on the

What each symbol on the Hyundai dashboard means

Hyundai has a variety of symbols on its dashboard to indicate different things. Here is a list of what each symbol means:

-The gearshift symbol indicates that the car is in the drive.

-The brake symbol indicates that the car is on the brake.

-The fuel gauge symbol indicates how much fuel is left in the tank.

-The temperature gauge symbol indicates the car’s current temperature.

-The odometer symbol indicates how many miles are left until the next service interval.


Hyundai dashboard symbols and meanings are essential to understand to operate the car correctly. Many signs and meanings are associated with Hyundai dashboard components, so it is necessary to become familiar with them. One of the most common symbols is the gear icon, which represents the current gear selection. Other symbols include the checkerboard pattern, which indicates a warning or caution, and the tachometer, which shows how fast the car travels.

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