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if i stop sharing my location will they know

If I’m in my home at night, filming TikTok videos, or even playing games, I’m aware of being watched by family, friends, or other followers who can track my location anytime. They’re aware of my visits to the parks, errands walking with my dog, and excursions to the beach.

In the end, I decided to end location sharing without informing them. It allows me to access certain functions in applications, like games that use location data, which allows me to share the location of my virtual space on social media.

In this article, I’ll give you four tried and tested methods to block your Location sharing on the iPhone with no notification.

How can you tell if Someone Stops Sharing a Location?

The most straightforward method is to look up your friends list. To find out if the person you are talking to has stopped sharing their Location with iPhone, it is possible to visit”Find My” or the “Find My” app and then click on”Personal” and then the “People” section.

There will be an inventory of all your friends and family members who have decided to share their places with you. If you don’t notice their names, it indicates that they have stopped sharing their Location with you.

What is “You Stopped Sharing Location With” mean in iMessage?

If you decide on sharing your address with Someone else, you choose the length of time you wish to share your location with them. Unfortunately, there are times when you get a pop-up message in your chat that reads, “you stopped sharing location with.”

This means that anyone you shared your Place with will be unable to view your Location.

There may be other reasons your Location has stopped sharing information with Someone else. If the person has stopped sharing your Location and claims that they didn’t, it is possible to determine if they have stopped.

How do I stop sharing Location on iPhone/Android?

We suggest getting an overview of the apps that can access your Location. You may have posted your Location on Google, Snapchat, or similar apps.

How do you stop sharing your Place Without revealing it to others?

Switch off Location Settings
If you’re looking to switch off the locations services for your phone swiftly Here’s how to accomplish it:

On Android

Click on Settings. Please scroll down to find options for Privacy and Connection or Location itself. Click on the option and then slide the toggle to disable it. Alternatively, swipe your finger to the home screen and open your Quick Panel. Touch the icon for Location to disable it.

Switch on Airplane Mode on iPhone

Switching off airplane mode easily blocks people from knowing where you are temporarily. It’s a built-in function in nearly all kinds of smartphones. Note that airplane mode will stop any notifications and usage of the cell network, phone messaging, calls, or other communications. If you turn on airplane mode, your connectivity to the network will become turned off, which will block any person from seeing your Location.

You can activate Airplane Mode by going to Settings on the home screen.
Then, you’ll need to switch between the plane mode and airplane icon.

Another method to turn into airplane mode is to swipe the lock screen at the bottom to open the Control Panel. In the Control Panel, you will see an airplane icon in the upper portion. To activate it, you need to tap it before it changes color.

Utilize Your iPad or Other iPhone as your Location

iPhone offers a beautiful feature that lets you share your Location on your iPhone from another iOS device. How do you prevent sharing your Location with your iPhone without the user’s knowledge? Answer: You can enable the sharing of Location with a specific device.

Log in with your Apple ID on the device and set it to whatever you’d like.
Go to Settings > Tap Apple Account> Find My.
Select Use This iPhone for My Location.

By turning off “Share My Location.”

If you’d like to block sharing information about your iPhone without letting anyone know, use these steps.

Tap Settings.
Tap “Privacy.”
Select “Location Services.”
“Share My Location” and tap “Share My Location.”
Switch off “Share My Location.”

Will Someone Be able to Tell If You turn off the Location on Your iPhone?

If you shut off the Location using one of the methods we’ve explained, no one will know what you did. No person will be notified if you’ve turned off the location sharing. If Someone attempts to locate your location, they won’t be able to view it. This could make him suspect. However, if you’re faking your Location by using an iPhone or EasyGo, the chances are that no one will take notice of any of it.

Keep track of people who Can see your Location.

Although sharing your Location could be helpful, you may need to keep an eye on who can access your Location. You can determine who can access your information and remove any of them if needed. Alternatively, you can turn off your location services altogether.

Is it possible for Someone to track your phone Without Your Knowing it on your iPhone?

Yes, anyone can monitor your iPhone without your information If they have access to the Apple ID credentials through It is essential to protect all of your Apple ID credentials private and not give any access to anyone else specifically in case you want to keep your location secret.


We’ve discussed several ways to disable the feature without notifying others. We also discussed how to hide your location using the iMessage application.

I hope your questions have been answered and you know how to safeguard personal information on your iPhone from other users.

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