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laugh now cry later tattoo

With the phrases “smile now, then cry after,” the smiling and weeping masks are typical of the classic Chicano tattoo.

The moment Freddy Negrete first inked a “smile now and crying later” tattoo in honor of the tough visages Mexican Americans had to wear in tough times, It is unlikely that he had any idea of what the effect would be.

Smile Now, Cry Later symbolizes the need to hide weaknesses from the eyes of those who would attack you on the street and influences some of the designs used to create Chicano tattooing.

For other fans (I have theater masks inked on the right side of my shoulder, in gray and black), Tragic or comedic indicates that life is filled with changes and ups, and maintaining an outwardly balanced keel can be an excellent method of dealing with different emotions.

The following assortment of a smile today designs that cry later show the finest in Chicano tattooing and symbolism in body art dedicated to these masks for theater.

What’s the significance behind the”Laugh now, cry later” tattoo?

It is a symbol of philosophical truth. “Do what you must do today and live your life as you never know what tomorrow will bring’.

The laugh today, cry later and smile later tattoos have become popular among young people.

The expression ‘laugh now, cry later’ was coined by rapper Ice Cube; however, the design of the drama mask or “the masks of comedy and tragedy” were popular before the same time. The tattoos represent both ideas. The inspiration for the laugh and cry later masks could come taken from Greek mythology in which the sad face is the muse of Melpomene’s, and the happy face the front of Thalia. The drama masks may be about the transitional period of life when the only constant thing is change.

Tattoos that make you laugh, cry and laugh designs

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Tattoos of Laugh now and cry later Sleeve.

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