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Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

It is crucial to pay attention to the value of window treatment, particularly within your living area. The living room is where your family and friends will gather, so you’ll want to decorate your space well. While drapes, blinds, and shades help filter the light while providing the privacy you desire, they also serve as essential design elements, especially in larger spaces with numerous windows.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when contemplating window treatment options. From sheer drapes and blinds that are blackout to designs (so numerous designs), it can appear overwhelming. In many ways, they’re.
For you, with your window dressing discussion, we’ve gathered different ways of dressing windows. We also tapped some interior designers to share their ideas. Check out the gallery below for some exquisite ideas.

1.Give A Little Trim

“One one of my top tips for making a window treatment feel more special is adding an embroidered or brightly colored trimming to the fabric,” the designer says.

This strip of white and blue on the drapes are a perfect match with the wallpaper and furnishings.

2.Enhance Your Blinds by Adding Color

blinds have a reputation for looking ugly or outdated. However, we’re now ready to break with this perception. In the case of Tara McCauley, they can bring a touch of elegance to an otherwise wacky living space.

“I like white blinds for living rooms,” the designer explains. “They created a sleek elegant, streamlined look that does not block all light. They are able to blend in with both contemporary and traditional decorating styles.”

3.Double-layer drapery

According to the old saying, it’s more substantial in a group. Double drapery will not only create a relaxing, welcoming vibe, but it’s also reasonably practical.

“A Double-layered treatment for windows offers the homeowner more choices in managing the light within your home,” explains designer Allison Babcock. What a brilliant idea!

4.Mix and match

Do you need to settle for one window covering when you could have several? We like how Desiree and her company D Burns Interiors mixed and blended the window treatments in this spacious, light room. The interior designer paired natural shades and draped curtains, allowing the window treatments to create a statement without overshadowing the cathedral ceiling.

5.Pop with A Pattern

You’re free to be bold with your style. Studio Munroe, a San Francisco-based company Studio Munroe created window treatments that pop but without throwing the entire area out of sync. The charming design is a focal point, and the color palette of white and blue is calming and soothing.

6.Style with Shutters

From her minimal color palette to her thoughtful splashes of texture, Ajai Guyot from True Home has a knack for creating cozy and warm spaces. It’s, therefore, expected that she chooses to use similar techniques to her living room window treatment. The shutters made of wood are a perfect match with the wall and let just a few rays of light pass through. It’s like an urban space.

7.Make a Statement With Black Drapes

This space by Studio KT proves it beneficial to look at the darker part. Most living rooms are adorned with white curtains. However, Designer Kara Thomas flipped the switch with a white space with thick black curtains. What result is An atmosphere that is dramatic but not boring?

8.Blend With

This space by J Designs proves the most important thing to incorporating patterned window coverings is to find an appropriate pattern that will seamlessly blend.

“We chose a more substantial stripes fabric in order to create an interesting neutral design and brighten the area,” designer Jamie Nusser says. “This space was intended one for a family that had kids therefore we decided that a patterned curtain was an ideal solution to keep things warm and soft while staying clear of white fabric so that any stain or dirties show more discreetly!”

9.Perfect The Proportions

Designer Breegan Jane: The issue is not necessarily what sort of window coverings you select but the location.

“Allow the curtains to spread across the ceilingtowards the top of the window as well as beyond the width of the window to give your curtains the space to rest while it’s opened,” she explains. “Go large and allow them to rest at the edges of the wall. You can be sure they will look amazing!” This method is sure to increase the height of your ceilings or even make the illusion that they are taller than they actually

10.Be bold

If you are passionate about color and vibrant colors, why not let them shine through your window treatments? The designer Danielle Nagel never shies away from the boldness of her designs, and this living room will make you smile. Nagel added small orange accents throughout the room to keep the room from becoming an overload of sensory stimulation.

11.Green Pinched Pleats

Modern but bursting with vibrant colors, The living room is well-complemented by a pair of green curtains with pleated tops. The classic silhouette, yet unique in color and shine, is a beautiful mix of new and old fashions. This style was discovered on ekbinteriors.

12.Draped Curtain Panels

To create a romantic and elegant look, drape the curtains this way instead of putting them up using the “normal” way. Put sheers on top of the designs to give you more privacy. But enjoy creating your unique style. The design was found on Sheffield Furniture.

13.Highlighting Ring Top Floral

It’s a stunning illustration of how curtains can make a room look more attractive and transform it. The printed curtains frame windows and decorate the room by adding color and fashion. The curtains were found on vintage Scout.

14.Colorblock Neutral Pleats

A modern and fresh approach to traditional drapes, these neutral and color-blocked gorgeous drapes effortlessly highlight the ultra-modern living space. The pleated tops are subtle enough not to attract attention to anything else to the light source. Found on Hausproperties.

15.Tie Top Sheers

The mix of tie-top sheers with this airy space is a great way to transform your living space into a zone suited to summer. The tie-top sheers allow all sunlight to stream into the room but soften it too.


The dressing of a window in the living space can be a great way to show off a stylish or elegant style that completely solves issues it faces. If the room is separate, it’s not necessary to think about window treatment in relation to other windows; however, in an open-plan kitchen and dining space, think about reusing colors from windows in the kitchen to tie the entire room in a cohesive way.

The living space could have sliding or bi-fold doors and more conventional French windows. It could also include a sleek bay or casement window, blinds or shutters, curtains, and panels, which can all make appealing options to add color and patterns to Roman drapes, blinds, and panels. Roman blinds and curtains enhance the harmony of soft elements within the living space. They can appear luxurious when adorned with generously draped fabrics. Some treatments offer a more simple modern, sleek look.

But, it’s not just the appearance of the window dressings that’s an aspect. The ability to control light levels to lessen screens’ glare and prevent upholstery from fading could be crucial, based on the room’s orientation. Rooms facing the street, for instance, require an approach that gives some privacy but does not make them look dull, and in this case, specifically designed shutters, blinds, and window film can assist you.

WHAT CAN I DO INSTEAD of a mortgage?

If you’re not keen on lighter curtains or drapes, you may choose shutters, blinds, or different types of window treatment. They are somewhat more expensive, but if you’re trying to reduce when it comes to window treatments, You can opt for shades or even window film. Shades give you little control over the amount of light that gets in. However, they will provide privacy. Like window film, they allow lighting in when it’s dark outside, so they’re ideal for an area that isn’t (usually) asleep. Shades are available in an array of different styles that will fit the style of your home. We particularly like the modern designs of Home Depot.

“From vibrant to frosted designs, Window films can blend in seamlessly with the background or be a fashion statement,’ says Baumard.

If you’re trying to create something that stands out, consider framing your movie with a paint job on the window’s edges in a different hue. This simple trick can instantly raise the room and bring your attention to the windows, which makes the room look more spacious and brighter.’

For more luxurious styles, Loom Decor always has beautiful window coverings for the living room and remainder of your home, with various gorgeous fabrics.

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