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Martha Stewart Cast iron Dutch Oven

The Martha Stewart dutch oven review will let you know how this item compares before purchasing. First, we’ll give a brief overview on dutch ovens. After that, we’ll explore some well-known brands (both top-of-the-line and rivals). Finally, we will also examine the top and bottom aspects for Martha Stewart Collection dutch ovens. Martha Stewart Collection dutch ovens. At the end of the day I hope that you’ll understand why I suggest thinking carefully about the purchase of this particular item.

Perfect to bake casseroles and cooking meats and slow-cooking your favourite dishes This 6-quart round Dutch Oven from Martha Stewart Collection is easy to move across the kitchen from stove to dining table, while creating lasting beauty thanks to the option of colored exteriors. The sturdy enamel-on-cast-iron construction evenly distributes heat, while also retaining moisture.

What material should I choose?

Cast iron with enamel is the most popular product to make Dutch ovens. Cast iron is evenly heated and holds heat well. Enameled cast iron is much more flexible than regular cast iron that allows you to cook acidic food items which are not possible in simple cast iron. The cast iron that is enameled is less expensive to buy and is easier to maintain than copper. It’s exceptionally versatile, and enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens can go from oven to stove, and come in various colors, sizes, and prices.

Martha Stewart Dutch Oven

It is believed that the Martha Stewart dutch oven line was designed to sell at Macy’s and is available in military stores, Sam’s Club, and occasionally through Amazon. I searched and found five different oval and round dutch ovens, with sizes ranging between 2 and 8 quarts. They are and available in eight different colours.

Design Features

The overall appearance of Martha Stewart’s dutch ovens are in style and design like Le Creuset or Staub. It’s a striking, vibrant piece that you’ll like to put out on your stovetop. The range of colors is wide enough to match every kitchen’s decorating style.

The Look

The exterior and interior are brightly enameled and a variety of sizes and versions feature a white interior like Le Creuset. The lids have embossed Martha Stewart trademark on the top.

Both round and oval dutch ovens in this series have a straight profile on the sides, and many all colors have shades from dark to light, creating an appearance of gradient. I love the blue one shown above.

What size Dutch Oven Do You Need?

Regina Ragone of Le Creuset suggests that the best method to determine the dimensions of Dutch oven you should purchase is to think about the kind of food you’ll be cooking and the amount of people you’d like to serve regularly and then round it up to the closest size of a quart. This will give you the number of people you’re able to comfortably feed without having to worry about running out.

Martha has always suggested the six to eight-quart Dutch oven for the most suitable option for all kinds of meals. It’s large enough to hold the whole chicken or an entire stew. It’s the Le Creuset 5 1/2-Quart Dutch Oven ($360, is their top-selling model in U.S. The company claims that the size can serve at least six. If you think the price is too high, consider that many cooks regularly utilize this Dutch oven. Le Creuset Dutch ovens are often handed down onto the next generations. For a bigger pan with a cheaper price consider this Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven ($69.90, It’s available in a few more shades.


The dutch oven is heavy enough with a weight of more than 14 pounds when you’re using the six-quart model. Compare that with the Le Creuset’s 11.4 pounds for its 5.5-quart round dutch oven.

This weight will keep heat evenly distributed while simmering or slow-cooking food, giving an even temperature for cooking, reducing the necessity to rotate and continuously turn the food.

Do You Need an Oval or round Dutch Oven?

When it comes to deciding the design of the Dutch oven to purchase oval or round, it’s about personal preference, and maybe the dimensions and shape of your kitchen’s shelving. Many brands have oval ovens available in various capacities, but they are smaller than round which is why an oval may be the best size for your needs. On the other hand, Martha’s 8-Quart Enameled Oval Cast Iron Dutch Oven ($129.99, is a slightly larger one and is perfect for roasts that are whole.

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