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Netflix Not Working on Vizio Smart TV

It’s possible to fix the issue of the Netflix app that isn’t working on your Vizio smart TV by following some simple steps and following troubleshooting procedures described below. When you launch Netflix using your Vizio smart TV, it freezes or black screen upon opening Netflix (stuck on the logo) but cannot launch the Netflix app, and it’s not responding or functioning at all. The problem can be resolved with a few easy steps and troubleshooting techniques on your Vizio smart TV.

Netflix is not working for Vizio Smart TV.

The Netflix app has stopped working on a blank screen. You could try these steps to get the app back to stream. It could be frozen for a variety of reasons. You can follow the steps one at a time if the condition has not been removed.

Is your internet connection functioning?

Many people do not realize that an unfast internet connection could create a variety of problems while streaming films or shows on Netflix. To determine if your internet connection functions well or not, test streaming using other platforms such as youtube.

If you’re having issues streaming video on Netflix, look at your internet speed on It is also possible to use the menu button on your remote Vizio now choose the option to connect to the internet. If your internet connection isn’t functioning, then move the router towards the Vizio TV to ensure a speedy internet connection and stable connectivity. If this isn’t working, try using an Ethernet cable to boost internet speed and connectivity.

Reinstall NetFlix on the Vizio smart TV

A different option would be to install the program. This method has been successful for some people, and perhaps it can be effective for you. Follow the steps below to uninstall and install your Netflix application to the Vizio television.

Updating VIZIO Smart TV

If the VIZIO Smart TV Netflix app is out of date, upgrade to the most current version of the app to solve the issue of Netflix issues on VIZIO Smart TV. After downloading and installing the latest software, you should be able to use the Netflix app without any problems.

Reset Your Vizio tv

Resetting your smart TV from Vizio can assist you in resolving the streaming issue on Netflix. Resetting the Vizio smart tv will eliminate any settings you have customized, and the Vizio smart tv will be restored to the default settings it had before. This could assist you in resolving any issue that you have with Netflix or tv on your Vizio television.

  • Use the menu button on your Vizio smart TV remote.
  • Press the system button.
  • Select reset and then admin.
  • Select reset and then locate it. Factory settings.

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