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nissan dashboard symbols and meanings

Like most drivers, you’ve probably experienced a situation where you couldn’t quite decipher what the dashboard symbols and meanings meant. Well, not to worry – this article will teach you everything you need to know about Nissan dashboard symbols and their meanings.

Nissan dashboard symbols

Nissan dashboard symbols and meanings:

The Nissan dashboard is full of symbols representing different functions and features of the car. Some of the most common symbols are listed below. 

 A green checkmark indicates a service or maintenance event has been completed. 

 An orange triangle indicates an advisory or warning message, such as a low oil level. 

 A red X denotes a warning relating to the car’s airbag system. 

 A yellow exclamation point indicates a potential car’s drivetrain or suspension problem.

What the symbols mean

The Nissan dashboard symbols and meanings can be a little confusing at first. However, once you understand what they mean, it’ll make understanding the car much more accessible.

The most common symbol on the dashboard is the mile marker. This round, green disk shows how many miles you have left until your next service appointment or trip.

Below the mile marker is a set of three concentric circles. These circles represent your speed, distance to empty, and fuel level.

To the right of the mile marker is a set of three small circles. These circles represent your current temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius and how many minutes until your next scheduled stop.

Below the temperature, readouts is a bar graph showing your fuel efficiency for the past hour. The further the bar’s right, the more efficient your driving is.

Nissan Symbols

Nissan Symbols and Meanings

The Nissan logo is adorned with several symbols that have special meaning to the company. Some of these symbols are unique to Nissan, while other automakers have adopted others. Here are the meanings of some of the most common Nissan symbols:

The three stars around the Nissan logo represent the company’s founding in 1933 as the Nakajima Aircraft Manufacturing Company. The three stars also represent the Triple Seven achievement, an engineering breakthrough that led to the creation of the first commercial jetliner.

The four circles around the logo represent the four pillars of Nissan: automobile production, financial services, trading and logistics.

The white triangle on a blue background represents purity and strength, while the blue triangle stands for faith and trust. The two triangles together represent balance and harmony.

The “Nissan” wordmark is centred between two green laurel branches, which symbolize growth and success.

The “Ishi” (rhinoceros) emblem is featured prominently on many Nissan models and represents strength, power and durability.

Nissan Dashboard Meanings

Nissan dashboard symbols and meanings can be pretty puzzling for car newbies. But with some knowledge, you can decode the cryptic abbreviations and icons to understand better your Nissan’s systems and how they work.

Please look at the infographic below for a breakdown of the Nissan dashboard symbols and their meanings.

Nissan’s dashboard symbols

Nissan dashboard symbols and meanings:

There are many different Nissan dashboard symbols and meanings. Some of the more common ones include: 

 -The Nissan logo is usually located in the centre of the dashboard. It can be coloured in various ways but is usually silver or grey. 

 -The “N” in the logo is often used to represent Nissan. The three circles surrounding it represent the company’s founding fathers: Carlos Ghosn, Chung Ju-Yung and Kenichi Fujita. 

 -Other symbols that may be located on a Nissan dashboard include the “Go” symbol (representing the company’s slogan “Go Forward”), “Nissan” lettering (in various colours), and the car’s engine temperature gauge (in degrees Celsius).

The meaning of the Nissan dashboard symbols

The Nissan dashboard symbols are essential for understanding how the car operates and what needs to be done. The symbols on the dashboard can also tell you about the car’s status.

The Nissan dashboard symbols are:

-The speedometer needle always points to the right, which means that the car travels steadily.

 -The fuel gauge shows how much fuel is left in the tank. 

 -The brake lights will turn on when you hit the brakes. 

 -If the engine light is on, there is an issue with the engine that needs to be fixed.

Graphical representation of Nissan dashboard symbols

Nissan dashboard symbols can help you understand the system in your car and what needs to be done to maintain it.

One of the most common Nissan dashboard symbols is the check engine light. This light indicates that there may be a problem with your car’s engine. To fix this problem, you will need to take your car to a mechanic.

Other Nissan dashboard symbols include:

  • The oil pressure indicator.
  • The water temperature gauge.
  • The fuel level indicator.
  • The odometer.

Understanding these symbols can help keep your car in good condition and avoid costly repairs.


Are you looking to learn more about the Nissan dashboard symbols and meanings? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of each symbol and its meaning. This guide has everything you need to understand your car’s functions, from the steering wheel icons to the audio controls. So why wait? Start learning today!

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