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Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit

Fantastic Seal is designed for applications with portable air conditioners, where the exhaust hose discharges through an Awning window. The window type is hinged on the top, and once opened, it forms an angular space along both sides of the frame. Coolseal was designed to fill the gaps on both sides, significantly blocking hot air outside the area. A window kit of the portable air conditioner then fills the window’s opening at the bottom.


The awning windows should be opened. That is where the exhaust window kit will be fitted, and make sure the window kit can be installed. Check that the frame’s interior for the window and the exterior of the jamb return are free of dirt so that it is clean and free of dirt. Excellent Seal adheres appropriately to the surface.


Reinstall the window slide, and then mark the spot at the top of the decline of the widow on the window sliding Sash.

Find the distance from the high point of the window until the marking on the Sash. Then, carefully trim Cool Seal to size.

Widen the window of the awning enough that it allows ease of access to the horizontal frames of the window and take out the slide.

Remove 5cm from the adhesive backing and fold inwards.

Place the Seal in the Cool Seal to align it with the marks at the bottom of the Sash. Ensure that the backing cover faces inwards.

When positioned, press the uppermost part of the Cool Seal firmly against the Sash, and then ensure it is in the correct position. Once it is in place. Once the Cool Seal is in position, carefully pull the back cover, applying moderate pressure to the Cool Seal.

The Cool Seal is firmly against the Sash, pressing the Seal in place.

Then remove the backing adhesive cover. Then, while closing the window slowly, guide to slide the Cool Seal into place against the window jamb. Be aware that the window may be closed, but not completely.

It is suggested that windows be kept close enough to fully permit the Cool Seal to adhere to the windows’ surface fully.

The window should be opened wide enough to permit the fitting of the window kits in the manufacturer’s direction. We are making sure that the slide extends beneath the Cool Seal.

Custom-made to-order Portable Window Vents for Air Conditioners

Venting out your portable AC and a complete window seal is essential to ensure it works properly. The majority of AC window vents are standard that offer a few choices; TAP Plastics can create a unique window cover from a wide assortment of our plastic sheets that are designed to match your windows and vent adapter. TAP Plastics can assist you in creating the ideal AC window vent to fit your house!

Polycarbonate can be found in clear or white. It’s lightweight and almost indestructible. It has high clarity and light transmission thanks to a UV protection layer.

P95 Acrylic is available in clear or black colours, as well as white. It features a matte surface on one side, reducing light’s reflection. On the other hand, it is shiny. Clear is translucent and blocks things behind but lets light pass through. White and black are opaque and do not permit light to pass through.

Acrylic colours are offered in (aka the plexiglass) at your request. It is available both transparent as well as opaque.

Our Extensive Experience / Expert Fabrication Services

TAP Plastics has been making special-ordered items for clients since 1952. TAP Plastics has skilled and experienced fabricators who can transform your concepts and ideas into reality. TAP staff are professional problem-solvers, ready to aid you with the design of your vision.

Request Customized AC Window Vents

TAP currently stocks acrylic and polycarbonate plexiglass mobile air conditioner window covers! Window AC exhaust vents are offered in 1/8 and 1/4-inch thicknesses. They are made to fit your requirements.

Polycarbonate is a fantastic option for clear window vents due to its resistance to impact, insulating qualities, and excellent resistance to fire and heat. Plexiglass is a good option when you want the privacy you desire or to block external lighting, but it doesn’t have the same level of durability as polycarbonate.

We can create almost every size of vent extension you need that will perfectly seal your window exhaust. Our custom window inserts are available with 4-inch- and 6-inch vent openings. Shapes can be customized if you’re near a TAP Plastics store and can offer an AC vent adaptor. You can also swap the adaptor from the manufacturer for the standard four” and 6-” round adaptor. If you own a model with dual vent hoses, you can add a second hole, too.

What exactly is a window ventilation kit?

The portable air conditioners can serve as independent cooling systems, which typically rest on the ground and are vented outdoors via a portable vent kit for the air conditioner. These portable air conditioners are preferred by individuals who wish to move their unit around various rooms, need help fitting windows in windows and are seeking the most efficient method of cooling an area without installing a permanent fixture.

Venting an air conditioner portable is vital since the AC unit can extract warmth from the air with no vent outside that can be accessed; the space will not be excellent. The window exhaust kit is necessary to cool your office or house efficiently. Although most portable window exhaust kits are not transparent, TAP offers a clear AC window frame to reduce the loss of sunlight and outdoor views. The typical window air conditioner frame could be more aesthetically appealing; however, swapping the structure of the AC vent kit for a portable AC vent kit with TAP’s transparent polycarbonate panels solves the problem.

How do you put in a window ventilation kit?

Installation of the new AC window venting insert is simple and could be accomplished in just fifteen minutes. Partially window kits lift your windows and insert your customized window vent inside the frame. Apply foam insulation tape to the edges to seal the area. The window should be closed to lock the panel into position, then attach the pipe to the venting insert.

If you want to install complete window kits, we suggest you attach the frame with Velcro and then attach the frame to the window. Rubber weather stripping or foam for filling spaces between the plastic and structure can be used for the installation. Connect the hose to the window vent insert.

After you have your AC window fitted and attached to the hose, it is possible to re-use the AC unit.

Information about the product XHHDQES portable air Conditioner Parts-Air Conditioner Window Kit-Portable Ac Window Kit with Sliding Door Window Vent Kit

Increase the efficiency of cooling. Cool temperatures in the summer by using the portable AC Window Vent Kit! OBTIAN window seals are made from special heat and waterproof insulation fabric, which stop the return heat from the air to ensure that your portable AC unit will be more efficient, and coolers the room faster.

An air conditioner with adjustable size. Window kit. It is possible to adjust the length depending on your preferences. The adjustable height is 35-60 inches. It is suitable for single or double-hung windows that measure 35-60in and sliding windows that measure 35-60 inches in height. They are also suited for hoses in different sizes.

Wide Application”It’s appropriate for portable air conditioners but also the exhaust of air purifiers, dryers, exhaust clothes drs and dehumidifiers.

Easy to Install: You don’t have to purchase an adapter to the hose or any other equipment; you require a pair of OPTION window seals to complete the problem perfectly. Put the adhesive hook tape on the frame’s interior for your window and the structure of your window. The window seal should be attached to the video. Next, put the hose of an air conditioner inside the window. Then you can tighten the drawstring. Easy as that.

(INCREASE COOLING) Enjoy cool temperatures in the summer by using the portable Window Vent Kits for your Air Conditioner! OBTIAN window seals are made from special heat and waterproof insulation fabric, which block the circulation of warm air to ensure that your portable cooling unit is more effective and cools the room faster.

Adjustable size portable air conditioner window kit. It is possible to adjust the length following your requirements. Its range of adjustment is 35-60 inches. It is suitable for double or single-hung windows with 35-60 inches and sliding windows that measure 35-60 inches in height. It is also ideal for hoses of various dimensions.

Wide Application: It is more than just appropriate for portable air conditioners. However, it is also ideal for the exhaust of air purifiers and exhaust clothing Drs. dehumidifiers.

Easy to Install: You don’t have to purchase an adapter for hoses or accessories; you only require an OPTION window seal to do the problem perfectly. Attach the hook tape inside of your frame, as well as to the structure of your window. The window seal should be attached to the video. After that, insert the air conditioner’s hose inside your window’s Seal. Then pull the drawstring tight. It’s as easy as that.

Premium Material Made of eco-sustainable waterproof fabric. With self-locking zippers, it has excellent adhesion but does not leave evidence after the tear is removed and will effectively block heat from the outdoor air.

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