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Samsung SmartThings Ecosystem Is Getting Matter Support

The open standards for Matter’s intelligent homes will eliminate the clutter of smart home devices through the years. It’s getting off to a good beginning. Samsung has revealed that it will support Matter-compatible devices within its SmartThings ecosystem and will bring its products to date.
It is reported that the South Korean giant announced an extended relationship that will work with Google to accept Matter products to the ecosystem and enable integration with Google’s Home ecosystem. If you have smart home devices installed within Google Home that SmartThings can be compatible with, it will ask users to configure them in the other app and reverse the process. Users no longer need to manually add all of their devices one by one at once, nor are they concerned about the ecosystem that the device was set up to initially.

To allow Matter products to be included in the program, Samsung’s SmartThings hubs will receive an update that will enable them to be enrolled shortly. After the update goes live, it will allow you to manage Matter devices using Wi-Fi and Ethernet through the v2 hub, the AEOTEC V3 hub, and the SmartThings dongle work to act as thread border routers.

SmartThings remains the glue that binds devices across platforms and brands. With the introduction of Matter, SmartThings maintains its status as a dependable and extensive ecosystem, giving users more choices in their everyday life.

This partnership is an important step forward in SmartThing’s commitment to providing an open and accessible environment and consumer-driven experiences. With more than 214 brands, SmartThings is proud of its commitment to consumer choice. In the years ahead, SmartThings will continue to work with other members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance to shape the future of IoT and provide customers with a greater sense of security.

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