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Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

It is vital to know that all features on smart TVs, such as streaming and apps, require a reliable wireless network for operation. This means that you have to connect your television to an internet router with the Ethernet cable or wireless connection to take advantage of all Smart TV functions.

If the internet connection on the Smart TV isn’t stable, you could experience some network issues. The issue with the network could result from hardware issues, software problems, or even configurations. If you experience a network problem, you get an error message that reads “Network connection failed” or “TV can’t access the internet.” It is possible to experience weak signals while streaming content, experience continuous buffering when viewing YouTube videos, or experience difficulty getting connected to your Smart Hub.

This guide will help you solve issues with your internet connection on your Samsung Smart TV. Also, you can avoid these errors to ensure that your smart TV is safe and up-to-date.

Causes of Internet Connection Issue on Samsung TV

In certain situations, the simple restart of the TV could work magic. In other situations, you’ll need to change the settings for Network or upgrade the software for the TV to the most recent version. The solution is contingent on the root of the issue. Below are some possible causes that could be causing the Samsung Smart TV not to respond to wifi networks or internet connections.

A minor bug A few times, we look for large solutions to minor issues. If your TV can detect wireless networks, but they cannot connect, this could occur due to an invalid password or a glitch in the software. In some instances, it is possible that turning off the TV with the remote for a highly long time will cause the Network to lose its settings, leading to an issue with internet connectivity.

DNS Server settings: Each electronic device with connectivity comes with DNS (Domain Name System) settings that need to be set up correctly to allow an internet connection. By default, your Samsung Smart TV retrieves its DNS server settings automatically.

MAC address is not working: MAC (Media Access Control) address is a uniquely assigned identification code to an adapter for network use from the OEM. This means that the MAC address for Ethernet and Wifi, Bluetooth, etc., all on one device is different and distinct.

Firmware bugs or outdated software Samsung is regularly rolling out firmware updates or other software for Smart TVs. If you don’t ensure that your TV is connected to an active Internet connection, then it will not be able to download or install the most recent firmware updates. If you’ve turned off automatic software updates for your Television, the firmware is outdated and can cause numerous problems, including issues with network connectivity.

Modem or router problem If There is an issue with the wifi router or modem, your TV will not be able to locate or connect to an internet connection. The replacement of your modem may solve the connectivity issues on your TV.

Samsung TV Won’t Connect to the Internet | Top Fixes

Restart your TV

Restarting digital devices has frequently solved a variety of issues. Here’s how to be doing it right with the Samsung TV –

Hold the power button on the remote until the Samsung logo appears on the screen if your TV is on.

The red light on the Television until it flashes more quickly, and then press your power button.

The TV will then restart. Try connecting to the internet to see if the issue is solved.

If the above steps don’t fix the issue, you can try restarting the system using the steps below.

Switch on your Samsung smart TV and let it remain on for 5 – 10 minutes.

Unplug the power supply cable.

Turn off the TV for around 30 minutes. Then, restart the TV and see if the issue persists.

Restart Your Router

It could be that there is a problem with your internet connection or the wifi device. The DNS settings of your router may hinder your Television from connecting. Make sure to restart your router to update the settings for internet connectivity by following these steps:

Switch off your router.

For a minimum of 10 minutes before turning the device back on.

Please give it a bit of time before trying to connect your Television to the wifi once more.

If your devices within the region cannot connect to the wifi, then your router may be located far enough from the area.

Connect to Another WIFI

Sometimes one network may be experiencing an issue, and it attempts to connect to another. If you do not have another modem or router, you can use the mobile hotspot to see whether the internet is functioning on your Television. Make use of your mobile to connect to the internet to check that:

Go to Settings > Connections

Select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

Now, switch to Mobile Hotspot.

Take your Television remote. Follow these directions:

Go to Settings > Network.

Unplug your current connection to the Network.

Select your Hotspot wifi SSID.

Please enter your password.

Use YouTube or other internet surfing applications to determine if the internet is functioning.

Reset Smart Hub

Resetting the Smart Hub will help eliminate any software issues that caused your Samsung TV to have Wi-Fi problems. Follow these easy instructions to set it up:

Click the button Home on the remote control.

Go to Settings > Support > Device Care > Self Diagnosis.

Select Reset Smart Hub.

Enter the PIN to the TV(the default PIN for your TV is0000).

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Reset Network

Sometimes, no matter the reason, the connection you have established fails, and you need to be removed and set up.

Again, start by pressing Source from your remote, then select Settings (gear icon on the left) > Go to Network, General and then Reset Network. This will reset your network settings to their factory defaults.

This means that if you already are using the wifi network name and password entered, the information will be removed from your TV, and you’ll need to repeat the process (which is precisely what we’d like).

Update Firmware

There is a problem connecting to a wifi connection using your Samsung TV. In the end, the TV comes with its software built-in called firmware. The most current version is now available and downloaded on Samsung’s website. Samsung website. First, you’ll need to manually install the Update on your device before joining your Television to the web.

Visit the Samsung Website and go to the firmware section.

Select the model of your TV.

Download the firmware onto the USB device.

Check to see if there are particular characters or numbers in firmware names. There are times when Samsung TV won’t recognize certain special characters.

Plug USB USB into the TV.

Select the menu option.

Go to Support > Software Upgrade>By USB.

Confirm Update, then click OK.


If your Samsung TV doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, this article could have been helpful. A faulty firmware, downloading bugs, an insufficient MAC configuration and a defective router could be the cause in this case.

But, this guide gives more than ten ways to resolve Samsung television connection issues. Let us know your experiences and what solution worked best for you.

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