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14 Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

In this day and age of digitalization, messaging has become a trendy way to communicate. Every day, we send text messages via our phones with confidential information like location codes, bank codes, and private conversations. Have you ever considered the security and security of your phone calls? This looks similar to Secret Messaging Apps that Look like games/secret Texting Apps.

Many text messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger guarantee to keep your conversations secure from hackers. But, do you know of any messages that could fall into the incorrect hands when you lend your mobile phone to someone else?

If you’ve never thought of apps for secret messaging that looks like Games, These are becoming well-known, and some have been rebranded into game-like applications. They can help you protect your conversations from readers who are not authorized. Here’s a list of apps for secret messaging that look like games.

Private Texting Apps to Try

End-to-end encryption makes sure the privacy of your messages cannot be read by third-party entities, such as the company that runs the messaging application you’re using. Look for it alongside other options when selecting your application. It can be challenging to choose the most effective application from the crowd. Numerous alternatives cleverly combine the privacy feature and hidden messaging apps that appear like games.

Secret Messaging apps can be helpful to hide what you’re doing when you’re stuck in a meeting or class. These apps appear like games, and it’s challenging to determine what you’re doing. This makes it difficult to allow people looking through your phone to discover funny and private messages that you wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone. If you’re looking to learn more about such apps, look below to learn more!

NetSfere Secure Messaging

Rating with 4.5 in the app store NefSferene Secure Messaging is a very secure cloud-based messaging service. It is designed for enterprise use and offers the highest compliance, control, and collaboration.

Hide SMS

Although it’s not widely used, it can be utilized to shield your conversations from prying eyes. The icon on the app’s screen is not a factor if someone steals your phone and wishes to read your messages, chats, or messages. It’s not likely to be misinterpreted as an app that is a messenger. The logo is the solitaire or a card game. Your conversations are encrypted. Even if someone does open the application, they will not have access to the private conversations. The messages are also sent in silence.

Hide My Text

With a score of 4.0 and more than 10,000 downloads and more than 100 user reviews, Hide My Text is the most effective application that appears like a game but acts as an encrypted vault that hides messages. It allows users to change their messages into an encoded format that is difficult for anyone else to view.

Kibo for ios

Kibo is a different iPhone messaging application that conceals the keyboard. Kibo also employs the technique of coding to hide private messages from regular messages. Users must press long on an item to show that text on their keyboard. Therefore, it’s an application that provides total security.

Ninja messages

A fancy game-style logo with a unique name. Ninja Messaging is a great secret messaging application that deletes all chats from its user interface. It is rated with an average of 3.2 scores on Playstore, and the app has 81 reviews. The app also features an integrated lock feature.


Do you want to cover your private conversations to have enjoyment? The secret chat application can be described as a phone vault app disguised as a calculator. The calculator conceals your messages, calls, and other files. It is not necessary to worry about anyone else getting access to your personal information since they won’t find what’s hidden within the application.

Stealth Chat

Stealth Chat one of the most hidden apps that resemble gaming apps is Stealth Chat. With 3.9 and 746 ratings on Playstore, the app promises to be a highly secure app for messaging and calling. Stealth Chat says that it doesn’t save any information about chats on servers’ media, contacts, and other likes.

Wickr Me

Wickr is among the safest messengers on the planet. However, it allows you to send text messages and voice messages with Wickr; it does not support video calls. Also, the application cannot allow texts, voice messages, or voice messages sent to mobile numbers. Wickr’s most distinctive characteristic is that messages automatically end after a certain period both on the sender and recipient devices. The timer to delete the message is adjustable through the users, and the timer can be set between one second to many days. Below are a few aspects of Wickr Me.

Secret Messenger

Secret Messenger stands out for Secret Messenger’s 5.0 score in addition to 1.6 K reviews. Why do we say this? It’s a private messaging application that encrypts messages. If you’re looking to keep your communications secure with your loved ones, This app is your second home.

Smiley Private Texting App

Smiley is a trusted app for the encryption of text and an essential tool for iPhone users. It is possible to use the chat application to store private messages like business transactions made that are not authorized by anyone. Smiley Private Texting is available with affordable subscriptions and provides private numbers for users.


The wire is a fully-featured secure messenger that takes care of all aspects of communication, including end-to-end encryption and a web-based interface, group calls, and additional distinctive features. With Wire, you can share with your friend’s texts and YouTube videos, voice messages, photos, SoundCloud music, and many more. The app’s stunning design distinguishes it from its other apps. All you need to do is create an account and then verify it with your email address to use Wire. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to choose a profile picture and the interface’s color.


With a 3K rating and 4.4 reviews from Playstore, TextU hides the messages and offers high-quality privacy features that prevent anyone from taking photos of the messages hidden. It allows users to control the notification using an alternative tone for the application.


With Confide, you’ll be able to engage in private conversations and group chats. Confide is distinct by its secure encryption and its anonymous messaging conversations. The messages are sent and erased immediately, and they are deleted after they’ve been examined. It’s pretty convenient. It’s easy to securely transmit documents, photos, video, and messages via voice. After you’ve read them, your messages will disappear.

Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+ can be described as the best-hidden application that appears to be the calculator, but inside is a vault hidden behind which you can keep your secret message as well as additional multimedia data. It also looks like the calculator, but it functions as one. So it fulfills both functions.

Final Words

If you’re unable to locate one of these applications available on either the Play Store or Apple Store alternative method to find these secret messaging apps is Stay a secluded friend and live your life to the fullest.

Some messages are highly confidential, and you shouldn’t ever give them to anyone else. There are a variety of secret texting apps for Android or iPhone devices, and some are evident Secret Messaging Apps That Look like Games, While others can be viewed as games or different applications.

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