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Sell Feet Pictures Make Money

While it might sound odd to increase your earnings, selling photos of feet (safely) can be an extremely lucrative side business!

If you place your security first and follow this thorough guide on selling pictures of feet online, you can make money quickly.

Selling feet pictures have been given a massive boost recently by several people who are tiktokers and have announced their earnings on the internet;

The reality is that selling feet photos is a ‘thing’!

It can be lucrative for simply snapping photos of the feet you walk on! What’s the reason?

I realized that throughout the years, I’d taken numerous “foot” pictures to show my creative business life.

Where do I sell my feet images in America?

Many online websites allow you to sell photos of you walking. The most popular places include Instafeet as well as Feet Finder. It is also possible to look into selling foot pictures on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

How much can you earn by selling images of your feet on the internet?

It will be contingent on the individual or company buying the pictures. Like other types of photography, you can earn anything from $5-$100 (even higher) per image. Therefore, the rates are prevalent if you’re trying to make a profit selling feet photos.

Best Ways to Make Money Online

Before we dive into the specifics of selling feet photos and where you can make them available for sale in a safe manner, Let’s look at the other side hustles that can earn you extra money quickly:

The Best Feet Selling Website, Enjoy With Feet, is a great platform to make money selling foot pictures and videos.

The easiest to begin – online Proofreading is an excellent side job for someone who enjoys reading and identifying mistakes in grammar or spelling.

Fastest Extra Cash Swagbucks offers a $10 bonus for signing up! It’s a great site where you can earn additional cash by doing internet surveys, watching videos, and playing games.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online

Selling photos of feet online begins with your security. After you’ve set everything up, you’ll need to treat your feet to a massage, take pictures, and then put them up for sale across various platforms. You’re entirely in charge of your prices and can promote your business of foot photos however much or that you’d like.

You’ll need to be on the lookout for fraudsters and dealing with those trying to obtain your details. There’s lots of competition, and developing an online presence and followers may take time.

Keep Yourself Safe

When selling photos of feet online, It is essential to safeguard your identity and security.

Moisturize Daily

Apply lotion daily to prevent dry skin. It’s best to moisten your feet in the evening and wear socks with a thicker fit during sleep to ensure the moisturizer is on your skin. A variety of high-quality foot creams are readily available for keeping your feet hydrated and soft.

How to sell foot pictures online-TL: Dr.

  • Use the following tips to make the most profit when you sell pictures of your feet.
  • Be sure to take steps to safeguard yourself from scammers and creeps.
  • Select one platform (or several platforms) for selling your photos and then set up your accounts
  • Learn how to create professional-quality images (and the best way to modify them)
  • Upload your images to the platforms you prefer
  • Send clients your pictures (via social networks)
  • Sell your pictures of your feet on the internet for top dollar.
  • Repeat

Ideas for photography of feet

Before beginning shooting, make sure you touch up the nail with polish. Apply lotion and toe rings, and temporary tattoos. You can also apply barefoot footwear, etc.

Here are some additional prop ideas:

Candles: Put several candles around your feet as you take photographs for added lighting effects and a mysterious effect that people can enjoy.

Flower arrangements: If you own an area for flowers, put the flowers on your feet for a lovely backdrop.

Temporary tattoos: You could apply temporary tattoos to your feet to highlight the curves of your feet

Foot jewelry: Consider wearing toe rings, toe bangles, or anklets

Feet Lovers Only

Feet Lover Only provides a platform to assist buyers and sellers in buying and selling videos, photos, feet, and other related products. Feet Lovers Only is a sister site to All Things Worn, created after seeing many sellers offering “feet content” on their website.

It’s free to sign-up as a seller. It is necessary to join to pay $14.99, after which you will keep all your profits. Another benefit is that one member applies to All Things Worn & Feet Lovers Only. Who wouldn’t want two possibilities to earn extra cash? This is a better return on money.

Final Thoughts

Not only is selling feet photos a reality and a viable option, but it can also generate some extra income without any upfront costs and minimal ongoing effort. There are no significant obstacles to this business. Research Upload quality photos onto the platform of your choice, as well as let your passive revenue stream in.

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