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Through My Window Ariana Godoy

It can sometimes be challenging to pick your next reading. In other cases, the selection will be made for you. It was the case when I chose to look at Through My Window by Ariana Godoy. Most people have heard Ariana is a well-known Wattpad writer and has been ranked first in the Spanish-language teens’ fiction writers category. I was just aware of her when I saw the first trailer of the forthcoming Netflix film from her book Traves De Mi Ventana. Through My Window is the English version of her book that came out on the 1st of January.

As soon as I saw the trailer for this film, I wanted to find out more. Film adaptations of books are highly popular and are one of the reasons why it usually introduces viewers to new authors or a genre that they’re generally not keen on. We are awestruck by Romance on the blog at Fangirlish, and it wasn’t an issue for us to try the book. I love reading a book before watching the movie or TV show it is based upon. Certain people like to read the book after watching. However, reading the book gives me greater insight than I would always get from watching the movie.


Artemis attempts to end the courtship he had previously enjoyed to devote himself entirely to Claudia and Claudia. Still, he’s unable to make a move due to Claudia’s family and the Hidalgos, both corporate entities. The same is true for Claudia. The mother of the protagonist is opposed to the marriage “with her daughter who is the addicted addict” She threatens to remove Claudia together with her mother out of the mansion if she does not change her sexual motives.

Because of this, Claudia was averse to Artemis as they were both teens, which led to their separation that lasted until Artemis’s return. Nearly at the point of a resolution, Artemis’s parents break up following the matron’s threats against the housekeepers are revealed.

a broken home

Claudia “inherited” her home chores when her mom (a messenger employed by her grandfather Hidalgo) was diagnosed with the illness. In the same way, she is a woman of a younger age with prior traumas, as her mother was an abused wife. She was married to her husband and addicted to substances. Furthermore, before she worked at the mansion, her mother was a prostitute, and they lived together with her daughter in the streets.


Ares, his career goal is aspiring to be an ophthalmologist. Through my window, Artemis is looking to become something other than a businessman. In reality, his older brother is aspiring to be an artist. In the end, Grandfather Hidalgo’s intervention is crucial for young men in their ability to fulfill their passions, pairing, and the women they love.

An exceptional case?

Godoy’s launch with Wattpad and its later commercial success is an emerging trend within the global literature sphere. In 2020, Planet introduced an exclusive stamp for printing the original stories published through the platform. Additionally, Alfaguara, the publisher of 2019, decided to rewrite the highly acclaimed romantic story in Through my window.

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