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top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world

They are commonly regarded as the man’s best friend; however, many breeds are unequal. According to research, certain species are thought to be more hazardous.

Though any dog could bite or scratch you, causing personal injuries, Certain breeds have a greater tendency to bite. In statistics, dogs like the ones below are known to be more violent or aggressive.

Some dogs may exhibit aggression issues when they’re not trained in obedience or not socialized from a young age. Additionally, they may bite more frequently if they’ve had only a few interactions with their owners. They may also show hostility if they are not adopted or neutered.

Dogs can be more vicious in distress, fearful, afraid, or even worried. It’s, therefore, important to be cautious around any dog. But, it’s equally essential to identify breeds with temperaments leading to more excellent dog bites and injuries.

Pit Bull

It should be an obvious fact to those studying the most dangerous breeds of dogs. The pit bull is one of the most challenging dogs. Although it is not recognized as a breed in the American Kennel Club, “pit bull” is an umbrella term used to refer to bulldogs and terriers rather than one species of dog. Based on the study mentioned above that ran for 13 years, pit bulls caused 284 deaths, roughly two-thirds of all dog-related fatalities within the United States.

It’s depressing when considering that just 6 per cent of the breeds within the United States are pit bulls. The breed was bred to be risky for a long time as fighting and hunting dogs, and, unsurprisingly, these breeds remain a danger even to this day.

Another reason pit bulls are considered the most deadly dog breed is because they sport massive bodies (weighing upwards of 80 pounds), strong jaws, and an intense killer instinct. Other animals and humans do not stand a chance with the pit bull. However, many claims they are simply the result of their environment and have pit bulls as their pet animals.


The Rottweiler is famous for its intense bouts of aggression. However, their reputation for fear of death has merits because an uninhibited Rottweiler can be a nightmare.

Yet, Vets insist that Rottweilers are incredibly peaceful and loving with their families. They are prone to displaying their mean side only when an unwelcome person or their beloved pets are close to them. This is logical, considering Rottweilers are bred to serve as guard dogs.

So, early socialization is vital for Rottweilers.

Doberman Pinschers

The Doberman was initially bred to serve as a guardian breed. Characteristics such as the ability to think independently, intelligence and aggressive behaviour were emphasized and strengthened. Though breeders have worked to lessen the aggression over the past few decades, a modern Doberman tends to react towards strangers in a hostile manner.


The CDC recorded 15 cases of dog bite deaths of Siberian Huskies. Also, six DBRFs were mixed-breed “husky-type” dogs. This mix breed could comprise the same species as Alaskan Malamutes, wolf-hybrids or perhaps German Shepherd Dogs or Shepherd mix breeds. Siberian Huskies are individualistic dogs, so training is an absolute requirement.

German Shepherds

Also called the Alsatian, it is the second most sought-after breed of canine within the United States. Insufficient training or interaction with other dogs can make them more prone to attack people and other dogs. Their massive jaw strength could exert more than 300 pounds of force when biting.


The Bulldog has been the subject of many negative reviews and even controversy. They’ve even been (unfairly) described as the dumbest breed of dog around the globe. In the aftermath, many folks ask: Does the dogs’ low levels of intelligence have something to be related to their aggressive behaviour?

People are just not understanding them. Many owners interpret their refusal to follow any command and instructions for obedience as evidence of a lack of intelligence. However, in actuality, the truth is that they’re insecure and independent dogs.

The reality is that this would fall at the feet of the owner. The Bulldog isn’t going to follow you or follow your instructions when you’re not a strong and constant leader of your family (or the family). Naturally, they’re not the ideal dogs for new dog owners.

The fact that dogs have difficulty training and managing raises a concern. Let’s look at this. The reason why Bulldogs often attack human beings may be because their owners failed to train their dogs effectively.

Chow Chow

While the Chow Chow appears to look like a giant, cuddly bear, it’s an aggressive dog. The Chow Chow has sometimes been reported to have killed kids and adults. The dog assaulted civilians 238 times between 1979 and 1998. Their appearance can be misleading. The majority of victims were young people, and forty of them were killed.

This breed of dog is Chinese and can weigh as much as 70 lbs. These aren’t recommended as pets that are suitable for them since they tend to be easily upset and emotional.

Great Dane

Seven deaths during the research seven people died during the study. Great Dane is one of the most giant breeds ever to be born. They can reach 30 inches tall, and their massive dimensions make them dangerous to small animals and children.

St. Bernard

St. Bernards are usually reticent, but they are responsible for seven fatalities during the study. This is most likely because of their stature and size.

When approaching an animal, it is essential not to create eye contact and appear scared. Also, it is important not to get away immediately since many breeds possess beautiful drives. The rapid movement of their bodies will attract the attention of other dogs.

Presa Canario

The Presa Canario is believed to be a large and robust breed typically used for guard dogs. They can be aggressive with people and animals when not socialized and trained correctly. Their strength and size could cause them to be a threat to human beings if they get too hostile.


Husky dogs pose a threat but are also exceptionally loyal. They appear identical to wolves in the way they look.

Also, we refer to them as sledge dogs. You can judge the strength of these canines from the fact that those living in cold regions utilize them to haul large objects in the snow.


Boxers are incredibly energetic and intelligent dogs. They may also become aggressive toward other dogs and people if they fear or feel threatened. Their robust build and power are also dangerous to humans when they get too hostile.

Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu Tosa Inu, just like the Gull Dong, is uncommon because of their terrible characteristics. These breeds are typically bred to be fighter dogs because they’re one of the most dangerous dogs and are unsuitable pets for family members. Tosa Inus Tosa Inus are also known for threatening and attacking their owners whenever they wish to. They are the most powerful jaws within the breed’s lineage.

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