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Turn Off Android Phone Without Power Button?

If the power button on your phone isn’t working for any reason, you can turn off and on the power on your Android Phone. This article will provide you with various methods of turning off Android Phones without a power button.

Each phone has a designated power button that can turn off and turn on the phone, regardless of whether it’s a smartphone or a feature phone. For Smartphones, this button may also be used for other purposes, such as reboot and boot into the bootloader and emergency calls. However, if the power button breaks or is loose? It will cease working. In this case, you cannot use the power button to turn on your phone or turn off the phone. But don’t fret; this is how you will be able to solve the problem. This guide will show you how to disable Android Phone without Power Button.

While most Android phones are equipped with sturdy keys, they’re susceptible to droppings or other injuries. If you own an older phone, it is more likely the power button could become off and cease to function. This is because power buttons on older phones aren’t high-quality, or the map isn’t accurate. Therefore, if you encounter this kind of situation, it is possible to use this guide to figure out alternative ways to disable your Android phone without the power button.

How To Turn Off Android Phone Without Power Button?

There are many methods to shut off the power of an Android device without a power button.

Click on the Home button, then swipe upwards from the bottom to open the drawer for apps. From there, click to open Settings and then Battery.

On the Battery page, tap Power Off.

If you’d like to shut down the device completely, click the Power Off button.

How to Restart an Android Phone Without the Power Button

Android devices come with various ways to restart phones that do not have a physically powered button. Start with the easiest and move on to the most difficult.

In the Settings option, you can disable the phone’s alarm.

Apart from that, among other things, you can turn off your phone through settings. The manufacturer of your phone, Android phones, might have different configurations. However, this is the standard configuration for all phones.

Click on it in the Settings menu.

Click and locate Power Off.

This choice could be referred to as an alternate name. Try turning off or shutting down or turning off the power if you’re not able to get it working.

You can now check all the settings.

Scroll down, and select Power Off.

“Double-tap to wake” and “Double-tap to sleep” options

A new feature added to many phones is “Double-Tap to Sleep” or “Double-Tap to wake.” It works, as the name implies. It causes the phone to enter sleep mode or wake up mode each time you touch the lock or home screen space if the feature is turned on by your phone. To utilize this feature, you’ll have to activate this “Double-Tap” feature on your smartphone. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t fret. We’ll explain the steps in detail and proceed to reboot your phone using this latest feature. Here’s how:

Navigate to”Settings” on your smartphone. Tap the “Settings” menu on your phone and tap the screen at least once

Tap on the “Advanced Features” tab

Now, tap on the “Motions and Gestures” tab

Next, tap on the “Toggle to Enable Double-tap to Sleep.”

Your phone is now activated for “Double-tap to Sleep” mode.

Now that the phone has started to utilize this function, you can quickly turn off the phone without pressing the power button. In addition, many smartphones with the double-tap function also typically include an option to “double-tap to wake” option.

Scheduled Power On & Off

You may also use the “Schedule Power ON/OFF” feature if the power button isn’t functioning. This feature lets your device be automatically turned on at a particular moment and then shut off in the same manner.

In the settings menu, located under the Settings tab, the “Schedule Power on/off” feature to enable. Then, you can select the device’s time to switch both on and off. That’s it. Make sure your device doesn’t run out of battery.

Follow the steps below.

Navigate to Settings on your phone.

Search for the Schedule.

It will display related Settings. The Schedule On/Off option will be among the possibilities.

Click on it, and it will direct you to the Settings page.

You can now set the Power Off time (at the earliest time for those who want to turn the switch off your device immediately).

By Using ADB Commands

Another method is to shut off your mobile without the power button. To use this technique, you will require your laptop or PC assistance.

Step 1. Connect your mobile to your computer

Step 2: Enable USB debugging in your mobile

Step 3: Install your ADB Drivers that work with your system.

Step 4: Step 4: Install the ADB Drivers on your system.

The 5th step is to press Shift + Right click and open Powershell Windows Here (in ADB Directory)

Step 6: Once the window is open, enter ADB devices and check the device’s code name.

Note: The code name is accompanied by its serial number.

Step 7: Enter ADB Reboot, and then press Enter.

You may also download an update from ADB if you are not in the running for future OTA.

Use a Third-Party App to Turn Off Android Phone

It is a popular method that a lot of users use. It allows us to switch off our phones without the power button quickly. The apps function the same way as the Power button. All you need to do is open the app, and it will present all the options that you can access when pressing the Power button. Let’s make it easy with a few steps.

You can download any Power button application from the Play Store. The one I’m using is the Shutdown app.

Open the app, and it will prompt you to accept accessibility.

Click OK and grant Accessibility permission.

Go back to the application.

It will present Power Off, Restart, and other options.

Select the Power Off option to shut off your phone without the power button.

I’m sure that many of you already have a reliable method with these three options. If you’re still unable to find an appropriate solution for your smartphone, take a look at the other options from the list below.


After following this tutorial, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out how to shut off your mobile phone without pressing the power button in only a couple of minutes. It also works with all kinds of mobile phones. Use this guide to disable any mobile phone you have.

Therefore, go through the entire article and follow the steps step by step, and you’ll find the method to shut off the power button on your phone in only a couple of minutes. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I’ll be sure to respond to you as fast as I can.

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