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Unable To Check For Update Apple Watch

This guide will show you ways to overcome problems you encounter while upgrading your Apple Watch. It will explain what causes these errors and the best way to solve the issue in the Apple Watch. So, without further delay, let’s examine the root of the problem and the possible solutions.

Apple Watch Apple Watch is an impressive and powerful gadget. Like your iPhone, the Apple Watch’s software has to be upgraded regularly to ensure repairs and maintenance. But what happens if it’s the case that the Apple Watch update won’t install? These troubleshooting steps will assist you in resolving the issue when your Apple Watch will not update to watchOS 8.

Apple is renowned for its simple-to-use software and new features and products. Apple releases frequent updates to ensure the most optimal user experience. However, maintaining it updated with the Apple Watch updated has seemed to work against it in this particular instance.

The issue is complicated to solve. It appears that you’re in a loop. However, there are various solutions available in our store at Saintlad. Here’s how you can resolve your Apple Watch “Unable to Check for Update” error.

Remove and then update your Apple Watch.

When you de-pair the Apple Watch, the wearable is restored to its default settings. If an update is triggered by an unexpected issue or gets into memory issues that cause trash unpairing, it will clean the system and fix the issue.

A word of caution before you attempt to remove your Apple Watch. Are there any transit cards connected to your Apple Watch in the Wallet app? Before unpairing, be sure that the card is removed. This will help you avoid issues that may arise with the Apple Watch.

How do you unpair your Apple Watch?

Set your iPhone along with the Apple Watch close to each the other

Launch Watch on your iPhone. Watch application on your iPhone

Click on your My Watch tab and tap All Watches

Click the Info button right next to your Apple Watch name.

Choose Unpair Apple Watch and tap to confirm

You will need to input an Apple ID password to complete the process on your mobile.

When you have unpair your Apple Watch, you need to reconnect it just like at the time of opening it the very first time.

The Latest Version of iOS for Your iPhone

One reason that can make system updates not work in the Apple Watch is the iPhone’s iOS version. If you’re running an old version of your operating system installed on your iPhone, this could be why you are unable to install and download an upgrade on Your Apple Watch.

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to update iOS for your iPhone. It is as easy as following the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Settings app from the main menu on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click on the option that reads General, then click on Software Update.

3. Select the Download and install Option to download and install the latest iOS update to your iPhone.

You can then make changes to the firmware on your Apple Watch.

Restart Apple Watch

If you’re still having difficulty finding a solution, Try restarting the Apple Watch. Rebooting the device can fix various minor issues.

How do I restart my Apple Watch?

Hold and press the button at your side on your Apple Watch

Watch for the menu to appear with choices

Then, drag your Power Off slider to restart

To turn back on, hold and press the side button and then wait until the Apple Watch turns on.

Check whether the reboot can make you make your Apple Watch unable to check for issues with updates. If not, you can move on to the next solution.

Check that your Apple Watch has at least 50 percent battery

Like every other OEM, Apple recommends ensuring that the Apple Watch has at least 50% battery power before preparing to upgrade your software.

If you’ve tried to upgrade to the latest version of your Apple Watch when it is lower than 50%, you need to quickly charge it and then try to upgrade the software once it’s 70% charged or fully charged.

Sign out of your iCloud account using your iPhone.

This method has proved successful and well-liked by numerous users on support threads. This includes performing an unforced reset or restarting the Apple Watch. Make sure to do this after you’ve tried all possible solutions described within this post.

Here’s how you can sign off of iCloud and set the Apple Watch: Apple Watch:

On your iPhone, Launch your iPhone Settings.

Click your user name. Scroll down and tap Sign Out.

Enter your Apple ID password.

Then, tap Turn Off.

After you’ve signed off from iCloud, then turn off your Wi-Fi connection. After a couple of seconds, switch the network back on.

Place the Apple Watch on the charger.

Hold and press the side button on your device until the Power Off option shows up.

Choose power off from the Off option. After that, tap erase all settings and content.

After you reset your watch, reconnect the watch to an iPhone. If the device asked you to sign in to your iCloud, do it. After that, verify whether you successfully resolved this Apple Watch “Unable to Check for Update” error.

Remove and Redownload Apple Watch App

You can also erase and download your Apple watch to resolve the issue of being unable to detect updates to software on the Apple watch. This can be done in the following manner.

Open the Watch app and hold it for a few seconds.

Choose “Rearrange Apps” and tap on the minus symbol to uninstall the application.

Click the “Delete.”

To download the Watch application, go to the app store.

Look up the Watch app and click on the cloud icon to download it.


Apple has introduced various unique iOS devices that are now an everyday necessity for most of its users. For instance, the Apple Watch is one such device with multiple advantages. To make the most of this gadget to its fullest, keeping it up-to-date with the most recent OS is essential. If the Apple watch is experiencing problems finding a software update that failed on your Apple device, you may apply any of the solutions mentioned above to fix the issue.

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