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What Does Pushing P Mean

Pushing P made its way to the TikTok mainstream in January 2021, thanks to Gunna and Future’s new track ‘Pushin’ P.’ P way something advantageous, to ‘hold it real.’ If something is P, the method it’s suitable. If something isn’t P, it isn’t good. According to Complex, Gunna explained the period on Instagram stays: “F*cking your accomplice’s predominant whinge ain’t P. If you hold the door for a girl, that’s P. Arguing with your associate approximately cash is not P. We are not doing that. We’re pushing P.”

Meaning of Pushin P

While the phrase ‘Pushin P’ has been used inside the Texas and Bay areas for some time now, it commenced to take over customers’ For You Pages in January.

Gunna defined what Pushin P means on Twitter after claiming that the letter ‘P’ stands for ‘player’ at some stage in an episode of the Breakfast Club.

Pushing P essentially approach to ‘keep it real,’ and is generally a superb period.

“Being Loyal Is truly P,” he wrote.

How do TikTokers use “Pushing P”?

The word “Pushing P” has become so famous that TikTokers have taken the word underneath their wing and ran with it. One of the TikTok traits sees users expressing their thoughts about the “Pushing P” approach, which has even led to Gunna replying in the feedback segment a few times.

Another TikToker shared a more visible cue of what “Pushing P” looks like. The famous social media person superimposed the “P” emoji on top of a hilarious clip of Spongebob Squarepants, wherein Patrick Star encourages his on-display buddies to push Bikini Bottom somewhere else.

What Does Pushing P Mean in Text?

Pushing P in a text message is like saying, “placing on the ritz.”

It’s a manner of displaying how well you’re doing or bragging approximately yourself. You are probably making plenty of cash, carrying dressmaker garments, relationship-beautiful human beings, and riding a pricey automobile.

In different phrases, you’re doing superb and want everybody to realize it.

While some humans might discover this worrying, others might be satisfied approximately your achievement. So, if you’re arrogant and need to proportion your excellent fortune with the arena, move ahead and push P to your subsequent textual content message.

If someone uses Pushing P to consult you in a textual content message, they usually pump you up approximately your way of life.

The Origin of Pushing P

According to Gunna, the rapper, he did no longer come up with the period “Pushing P.“

Instead, he heard it from others in Atlanta, where he’s from. Therefore, it looks like a homegrown and perhaps Atlanta, Georgia-grown word he borrowed for his lyrics.

It has yet to be discovered its exact origins.

This is frequently the case with trending slang. Most slang phrases and terms upward thrust from small social companies, catch the attention of others, and a few getaways to the larger society as a cultural phenomenon.

What is pushing p’s importance in rap tradition?

Although rumored to have originated in Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area for a while, it has lately re-entered popular rap tradition way to Gunna’s album DS4EVER. While the music is a collaboration between Gunna and Future (and also functions as Young Thug), Gunna is mainly credited with popularising the term however acknowledges that he didn’t coin the phrase.

Other brands and personalities have additionally jumped at the phrase: IHOP tweeted, “We’re constantly pushing pancakes,” and Gunna replied, “IHOP Pushin P.”

The term even reached Nike’s HQ, with the sports activities clothing emblem tweeting, “We had an internal meeting, and without stepping into information, we’re pushin’ P (with the 🅿️ emoji) all 12 months”.

In Conclusion

Pushin P is a period popularized by using TikTok customers in North America. It refers to being an authentic character who stands up for others and retains it real. The term is likewise used to refer to high-quality conduct or things that might be seen as correct. There needs to be a concrete definition of pushin P. While the term became popular for a few weeks, it has in view that it died down. Nevertheless, it’s far nevertheless used often in hashtags on social media.

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