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what does sussy baka mean?

There will be a strange phrase you have seen in many TikTok comments and videos over the last month. That phrase is “sussybaka.” Although many are trying to make a whole new language from internet slang, this is one of those phrases you’ll find yourself repeatedly using in your daily life. It’s okay.

It’s best to learn the meaning of the phrase before you do. So where did sussy-baka come from? What does it refer to? It could be a different language. What does it have in common with Among Us? Here’s all you need to know about the “sussy baka.”

What is a Sussy Baka?

After some time, a TikToker identifying himself as Nyatsumii posted this excerpt from the live stream. It was viewed 1.7 million times after a month. Since then, the phrase has been featured on several TikTok cover variants. Akeem replied to a comment, asking him to repeat the exact phrase, but adding a word called “Sussy.” The birth of the new phrase was thus. Deku became a Sussy Baka. But what do these words mean?

Sussy was inspired by the viral game Among Us, which took the internet by storm in its early days. The game called people who were suspected of being imposters’sus’. “Baka” is a Japanese word meaning “foolish” or “silly.” If you suspect someone of being stupid or foolish, you can call them a Sussy Baka (affectionately and derogatorily).

What does “Sussy Baka” actually mean? Where did it come from?

The first term, Sussy (or simply the “sussy”), is the one we will discuss. The internet slang “sus,” also known as “suspicious,” was used to create the word. The term first appeared in “Among Us” in 2020. It has since spread like wildfire to millions of people, a majority of whom are members of Generation Z. The word is used to denote someone or anything suspicious.

Any viewer of My Hero Academia TV show will remember hearing the expression “Baka” directed at Deku. “Deku!! Deku! Deku!! Deku! The Japanese word for “Baka,” which means “crazy”/”foolish,” is translated as “crazy”/”foolish.” It could also be read as Deku being a fool.

Who said sussy baka?

You can take a look here at Dean Norris. He is an American actor. He is known for his portrayal of Hank Schrader, the DEA agent. Despite such fame, he spoke the language of his audience to show support.

That’s not the first time he has used that word to himself. He tweeted a meme of sussy baka.

How does UwU behave?

For uwu, visualize an anime girl’s smile when she’s happy or spots a cold but-cute tsundere. The two u’s indicate closed eyes while the mouth is turned in a pitiful smile that forms a ‘w. The emoticon represents warmth and fuzzy feelings, with a touch blush.

What does Egirl mean?

“girls” and “eboys” are slang terms used to describe young men and women who are active online users. These people are often stereotyped as emo-styled gamers and anime lovers trying to get attention on social media.

What does XD refer to?

  1. A phrase used in text messages to indicate happiness or laughter. XD stands for the emoticon. X represents closed eyes, and D for open mouth.


One of the most frequently asked questions was what sussy Baka means. It was because the people wanted more information about the term circulated on social media. To avoid misinterpretation of the messages, they looked them up online. These details will help you to find the correct meaning of the phrase.

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