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What Is A Claim Of Fact

A claim is a factual assertion proved, disproved, or supported by facts. Be aware that claims have to be disputable. They must also assert an issue. A logical argument’s claim for existence cannot just be a statistic or proven truth. Instead, it must focus on an assertion that relies on facts but is still subject to debate.

An inappropriate claim of fact is a statistic or fact which cannot be debatable.

“The month of March 2017 was 1.03degC (1.9degF) above the 20th century average–this marked the first time the monthly temperature departure from average surpassed 1.0degC (1.8degF) in the absence of an El Nino episode in the tropical Pacific Ocean.” (from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, )

Appropriate Claim of Fact: Makes a disputable claim using factual proof.

A decrease in carbon dioxide emissions from automobile exhaust, manufacturing processes, and fertilizers can help to slow global warming.

What is the difference?

John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln to death in April 1865.

The United States assassinated Abraham Lincoln in April 1865 to prevent African-Americans from obtaining citizenship.

Answer: Both eyewitnesses and medical professionals have verified that the assassination happened. John Wilkes Booth claimed Lincoln had to be killed for formerly enslaved people to receive U.S. citizenship.

Effective argumentation is possible only when you can distinguish fact from the claim.

Let’s start by defining the terms fact and claim.

Policy Claims

A policy claim can be considered the end of an argument on a practical matter because they

Invoke allegations of fact made by opposing sides and claims for the value that permit common

ground. Policies often claim their legitimacy organically out of the need for practical, pragmatic solutions.


Once an argument is advanced to the stage for policy decisions, it becomes difficult because of the policies.

They are sometimes speculative. Let’s retake the case. This multi multifaceted project involves many people.

Campaigns, from environmental engineers and media to the global citizens that this organization claims to support. We can think of the website as an ensemble and the left navigation as a list with claims.

In actuality, the tab labeled “solutions” might then be considered as claims under the policy. The

The organization’s policy shows a move beyond describing the issue and its importance to a practical approach for solving the problem. While the solutions they offer are grounded in values, they do not claim to be.

These authors argue that the best way to address global water issues is to multi-faceted approach. It involves local community members, technology, and education. To convince the reader,

The organization then describes each solution step, providing evidence to support its logic and success. This section explains how to:

Discussion, there is a mix of value and fact claims.

A Claim of Value

A Claim of Value consists of qualitative judgments on the good-to-bad continuum about persons, events, and things. If you claim that one thing is better or more valuable than another, you have claimed value. Examples of value claims include “The Wizard of Oz,” “Snowboarding, the best way for a vacation,” and “Indian cuisine is the best.”

The criteria used in making a judgment is the center of a dispute in a value case. Value claims question the use of comparisons: is it bad or good? Is it superior to what? We all make judgments that compare and contrast two or more items. Then we assert that one of them is outstanding. For instance, “Coke tastes better than Pepsi,” “Natural gas provides the best energy source,” or “George Washington is our greatest President.” How do we define words such as “better,” ‘best, and “greatest?” More importantly, can you and the other person you are arguing with define them precisely? If there is a difference, it must be resolved by agreeing on definitions. You can then begin your argument.

Claims of Fact

A claim is a statement of fact that asserts information as accurate. It uses natural language for a condition or other point.

Historical piece. Let’s use the water initiative as an example, The organization’s

Website makes many claims about the fact, including those that are illustrated with infographics at the left navigation

The bar at the top of each page:

* A water-related illness kills a child every 21 seconds

* Women spend 200 million hours per day collecting water

* Water is scarcer in America than it is in other countries.

* Fecal matter accounts for over half of all illnesses

* More people have a smartphone than a bathroom.

* 50% of projects that fail due to lack of community involvement

What is reality?

Fact refers to something that can be proven in time or space. Example: This wall was painted blue in 2016. It would be easy to confirm that the fact was actual if school records contained a similar paint chip color. For example, this could be attached to a 2016 blue paint receipt and a 2016 painting contractor invoice.

Reality is objectively reflected in fact. A fact is something that exists independently from our sensory experience. Example: If a room’s walls appear blue, someone must paint it.

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