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what is the refresh button on a chromebook

Rebooting your Chromebook is helpful in various scenarios when you want to solve issues with your device or install new updates.

Chromebooks are robust devices that don’t need much tinkering. But, there are instances when you’re stuck with an inactive Chromebook, or the device requires updates.

Rebooting your Chromebook can solve most problems that arise in these instances. Let’s take a look at different ways to reboot the Chromebook.

The Refresh Button On Google Chromebook

An arrowhead with a circular shape signifies it is the key for refreshing the keyboard. It’s typically located over the number 3 or 4 buttons near most Chromebooks’ uppermost part of the keyboard. Chromebook 14 shares the F3 key.

It’s a handy feature that lets you refresh the Chromebook’s system and a browser with just one click. It was initially added to Chromebooks in March 2013 and has since evolved to become a major feature for Chromebook PCs.

The primary purpose of the button refresh is to refresh your Chromebook applications or the tabs that are open within your web browser. The refresh button refreshes the page you are currently browsing in your browser and all open windows.

Close your Chromebook.

The most common method to restart your Chromebook is to select the ‘Shut Down’ option Tap on the notifications area (the area with the power, WiFi, and date) and then press the top ‘Shut Down icon.

This will keep your current state and work, then turn off the Chromebook. This will shut down your Chromebook and allow you to restart it manually by pressing the power button.

The “Shut Down” option is a complete logout to your Google account before turning off the power to ensure that you don’t worry about losing your work or opening Chrome tabs.

If you’re worried about this, proceed to the next step that will guide you through manually signing out, then selecting the “Shut down” option on the Google account screen. This we’ll explain in a little.

Powerwash your Chromebook by using Refresh Button

The refresh button can be used to wash your Chromebook. Power wash on Chromebook can be compared to a factory reset. However, it erases all information stored on your Chromebook. Follow these steps to carry out the power washing on Chromebook

Step 1: sign out of your Chromebook.

Step 2. Press the power, refresh, and ESC keys at the same time.

3. A pop-up will appear. Click to select the Powerwash option and then choose the Continue option.

Step 4: Once power-washed, the Chromebook will be restarted.


Computer problems can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. There’s nothing more annoying than having to deal with an issue with a Chromebook which is running at a slow rate and then crashes.

However, you do have some options, as we have mentioned previously. Refreshing your Chromebook can be a quick fix to these minor, annoying computer problems. When you adhere to the steps of this guide, you’ll have several options to help you resolve certain of these issues.

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