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What Time Does Burger King Close

Burger King is an American fast-food chain that serves customers across the world. The fast food restaurant offers hamburgers, fries, breakfasts, salads, and much more. Burger King has become one of the most popular fast food chains due to its successful advertising campaigns with its iconic BK mascot and its famous phrase, “Have It Your Way.” The most famous hamburger, the Whopper, is seen in numerous commercials and locations. Burger King is the second largest fast food chain for hamburgers worldwide and employs more than 35,000 people. Check out a table that shows Burger King hours below and a table devoted specifically to Burger King breakfast hours.


Burger King’s timings for breakfast and lunch are consistent throughout the week. Note that this section details all operational Burger King hours; to skip directly into Burger King Breakfast or lunch hours, go to this section. At most places, Burger King is open at 6 am and closes at 12 am on Monday through Friday. The hours of operation on weekends are similar to the weekday hours except for Sunday. On Saturdays, Burger King hours follow the exact operating times they do on weekdays. Burger King hours on Sunday are one hour less than during the week. Burger King will open one hour earlier (at 7 am), closing at midnight. The typical Burger King hours for the week are also listed in the table above this section.

Burger King’s Regular Business Hours

On weekdays, Burger King is open Monday through Friday from 6 am until 1 am. Hours of operations can alter based on the specific location. If the hours of operation are changed, the restaurant will notify customers of the new hours if a holiday falls on a weekend, and operating hours may be subject to be altered.

Saturdays and Sundays Burger King is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 6 am until 1 pm. Its hours may be altered based on the restaurant’s location and local and state ordinances.

Burger King Holiday Hours

Burger King typically does not close during the Christmas season. The chain’s restaurant operates with reduced hours on observed holidays. The holidays that are observed include:

  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Specific hungry customers are prone to find Burg King time slots for lunch, so this section is designed for customers looking for lunch hours. If you’re hungry in the early morning but don’t need any breakfast-type food, it is possible to ask, “what time does Burger King start serving lunch?”. Burger King Lunch hours begin shortly after breakfast and are regular all week long, just as generally Burger King timings. Burger King will start serving lunch around 10:30 am from Monday to Saturday. Burger King Lunch hours start at 7 am on Saturdays. These hours follow the later time of Burger King timings.

Google Maps

Google Maps is another great tool to assist you in finding Burger King timings that are specifically for your location. Follow this link to go to the official site or visit Choose”Maps” or the “Maps” tab under the search bar and type in your address. Burger King times for each restaurant in the vicinity will be displayed on the left-hand side, as well as additional details. You can read individual reviews at the location and their phone number, address, and directions if you’re in the market for Burger King. This map could be a better way to locate either Burger King’s breakfast hours or lunch hours. Just click the red label above the restaurant of your choice and have a great time!

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