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when the enemy comes in like a flood

However, Isaiah is rich with imagery and language that has endured the test of time, and it has been a source of comfort and optimism for millions of people. Numerous people in the New Testament returned multiple times to Isaiah to refer to Jesus as the Messiah promised and the one who fulfilled numerous prophecies of the Messiah God would send to save His people. Despite the general message of retribution and judgment for their transgressions, the Jews recognized the message of Isaiah as one that spoke of redemption and hope.

Isaiah 29:19 is one such verse. It reads, “So shall they fear God’s name from the west, and will be able to see his glorious glory at the time of rising the sun. When the enemy will come in Flood and the Spirit of God will raise a shield in his face.” This gives a beautiful image of God coming in to defend His people from massive odds and unimaginable evil.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, Matthew Henry’s concise commentary

However, he enlisted his power and righteousness for the sake of his people. God will bring justice to the opponents of his church, and his people appear. If the enemy threatens to slay everyone without mercy, the Spirit of God will hinder him and put him on the run.

The one who has delivered will deliver. More great salvation is promised to be carried by the Messiah at the end of time. This is what all prophets had in mind.

God’s Son of God will be revealed to us as our Redeemer. Spirit of God will become our Sanctifier. The comforter will be with the church forever Joh 14:16.

The message of Christ will continue to flow from the mouths of those who are faithful. Anything that is claimed to be the thoughts of the Spirit must be tested through the Scriptures. We should lament the growth of immorality and infidelity.

However, the Redeemer’s cause will win a total victory on earth. And the Christ-believer is more overcomer when the Lord will receive his glory in heaven.

When the enemy is threatening like a flood, anchor the Flood!

  • Within Psalm 74:15, Asaph noted, “You divided the fountain and the Flood. You drained ever-flowing rivers.”
  • Psalm 66:5-6 states, “Come and see the actions of God His glory; He is amazing in His actions toward humanity. He transformed to dry land; they traversed the river on foot, He was awed by us.”
  • Psalm 29 states: “The voice of the Lord is heard over the waters. The God in glory dins. The Lord is over many rivers… It says that the Lord sits on the top of the Flood, and the Lord reigns as King for ever. The Lord will strengthen His people. The Lord will shower the people of His with the peace of God.” (v.3 10, 11-11)

David declared that the Lord was “the rock that is greater than me” in addition to “the Rock of my Salvation” and relied heavily on these promises throughout the numerous storms that swept through his life. This doesn’t mean that the experience less intense or chaotic, and threatening, but the guarantee that you receive through Christ is that you’ll have a solid foundation to stand so that you won’t be shaken. When the enemy enters like flooding, the Lord will reveal Himself as your rock, and he will provide you with more solid ground to stand or dry land to walk. Amen!

New International Version

The people of the west will tremble at his name. LORD And when the sun rises, the sun they’ll adore his glory. He will be like a pent-up flood, which is the breath that the LORD is a force that flows through.

New Living Translation

People in the West will honor God’s name. LORD and in eastern regions, they’ll worship the LORD because he’ll be an erupting flood that is driven through the breath of God.

English Standard Version

They will be afraid of the LORD’s name from the west, and also his glory will be seen from the rising of the sun. He is like a swift stream, and the LORD’s wind causes to flow.

When the enemy enters like an inundation and a tsunami, God’s Spirit God God will bring a standard for him!” (Isaiah 59:19)

Sometimes, living for the Lord is a battle and an actual fight. However, the Devil isn’t able to lay a claw or a gnat at you, and he’s not able to engulf your life in his lies if you fight back with God’s Word! God! The Bible is God’s standard as a flag or banner that we can raise before the Devil’s sharp, pointed nose, and he’ll leave! He won’t be able to accept the word! (Jam.4:7)

If the Devil tempts, you are trying to lure you? Ask the Lord for a Scriptural answer! That’s precisely what Jesus did! When the Devil was tempted by Him and tried to lie before Him, He referenced the Scriptures! Of course, it was not enough. The Devil tried to cite Scripture to Jesus; however, he then twisted them and used them in a way that was not appropriate. Therefore, the Lord was able to fire Scriptures at him in the way they ought to be applied “It was written!” (Lk.4:1-13)–And it was the Devil fled! He couldn’t keep his distance from the word!

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