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Where Is Clipboard On Android Phone

It is likely that if you’d like to view the most recent copy that you copied, press and hold on any type area, then choose Paste. However, what happens if you wish to view more than the copy you last made? It’s a good thing that Android users can rely on Gboard’s built-in Clipboard Manager and the third-party application such as Clipboard Manager. If your tablet or phone features Android 13 or higher and includes recent Google Pixel models, you can use the virtual Clipboard to edit and view recently copied content. This wikiHow article will show users how to read what you’ve copied onto the Clipboard of your Android.

How can you edit and locate your Clipboard on Android

The Clipboard can be accessed through two methods using Android. The two methods are explained below.


Gboard is the most popular Clipboard application by Google. It is with the default settings on a lot of Android phones. To use it, select any text field, then press the Clipboard Icon at the top of the keyboard before you begin typing.

When you’re in Gboard, You can see the texts you’ve copied. If you want to paste this text into the text area:

  1. Press the text.
  2. Click on the Pencil Icon in the upper right-hand corner to erase or pin the entries.
  3. Alternately, press the text and then fix it to the screen. If you do not pin it, clips will disappear within an hour.

If you are the first to use Gboard, you may need to press Turn on the Clipboard before it is active.

To further customize the keyboard, tap the Gear icon and select Clipboard. You can choose to have recently copied text or pictures shown as suggestions. You can also customize the phone number and address shown as text reproduced recently and enable the storage of screenshots on the Clipboard.

Using visual Clipboard

Mobiles running Android 13 get to use the visual Clipboard as default. It is even simpler to view the Clipboard. You can copy or cut text, and you’ll see a tiny pop-up showing the text at the bottom of the left corner. Clicking on the window will let you edit the Clipboard’s content before pasting it back. This feature is available on compatible Pixel phones. However, you might not be able to see it on other phones.

How can I utilize the visual Clipboard on Android 13

With the latest Android 13 version, Android users can see the contents of their clipboards when they copy the Clipboard or alter the Clipboard as they’d like.

To display the visual Clipboard, take a screenshot or copy and paste the text. When you save it to your Clipboard, small windows will open on the left-hand side with an image of the text you’ve saved.

When you tap the window, the page will pop up, and you can modify the information you’ve saved. It is also possible to click the share icon to immediately share what you’ve cut/copied to someone else.

How to access the Clipboard from an Android Phone

The Clipboard can be accessed via the Clipboard via two methods. One is using Gboard, a keyboard application developed by Google. Second, you can use Clipper, a third-party app that better manages the copied objects.

For security reasons, Google removed third-party clipboard management software on Android 10 and up. This means that the instructions that follow are built around Gboard, which allows you to access and clear the Clipboard.

How do I access the Clipboard on Android?

AccessTo access the clipboards feature in Gboard, you must open the Notes app or any other application you wish to enter your information.

There are times when you’ll notice the clipboard icon immediately within the menu, alongside the settings, GIF, and others. If you aren’t able to see the icon, tap the three dots on the right-hand side to show the icons hidden behind. You will be able to see an icon for the Clipboard.

You may choose to keep the Clipboard as it is instead or click, hold, or drag the clipboard icon into the main menu, like in the image below.

How do I Use Clipper’s Clipper Clipboard Manager

One of the easiest ways to access your Clipboard’s history is by using the Clipboard Manager application. While Clipper Clipboard Manager is one of the simplest, Google Play has many choices.

1. Log into Google Play and install the Clipper Clipboard Manager app.

2. Launch 2. Launch the Clipper Clipboard Manager. If you press long and copy the text you want to save on the Clipboard, it is displayed in the log of your Clipboard within the application.

3. Press three dots on the right of the Clipboard to reveal a menu of additional alternatives.

4. In the menu above, You can view, edit, Share, or choose the item to copy it wherever you want.

5. Without the clipboard management software like Clipper, You’ll only have access to the latest thing you copied to the Clipboard. But a manager for your Clipboard allows you to access the record of the Clipboard so that you can access any item you’ve kept in there.

How do I Pin an Item to the Clipboard

It is important to note that every item copied by GBoard disappears within 1 hour. To prevent this from happening, the thing must be fixed.

To pin snippets of text to the Clipboard, you must open it, hold and tap the snippet of text, and then click the pin.

To pin a set of fragments, press the pencil icon. Select the items to pin, then click on the icon to pin.


This tutorial should help users gain access to the Android clipboard and help you control it. Thank you for your time, and enjoy your time.

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