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which best describes the relationship between maximum cost-per-click (max. cpc) bids and ad rank?

Question: Which answer best describes the relationship of maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bids vs. ad rank

CPC bid is one factor that affects Ad Rank.

Increased CPC bids will directly lead to a slight increase in Ad Rank.

Ad Rank is affected in one way by the CPC bid.

A significant increase in Ad Rank is directly related to a higher CPC bid.

Correct Answer

CPC bid is one factor that affects Ad rank.

Answer resource

Ad Rank can be calculated from factors such as your auction-time ad quality, expected clickthrough, ad relevance, landing page experience, Ad Rank thresholds, and user search context. It also considers the expected impact of extensions, other ad formats, and sub-factors.

It’s very complex!

Google uses a variety of factors to determine Ad Rank.

Explanation: CPC bids affect AdRank. It best shows the relationship between max. CPC bids have a direct impact on AdRank. Google also takes into account the expected impact of extensions, as well as other ad formats, when computing Ad Rank. Google considers factors such as relevance, clickthrough rates, prominence, and relevancy of extensions and other ad types when estimating the expected effect of extensions and other ad forms in computing your Ad Rank. Using highly relevant keywords and extensions, even if your competitors’ bids are higher, you can still secure a higher ranking at a cheaper price.

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What is Ad Rank, and How Does It Work?

An AD rank is simply placing an ad in search engine results for a keyword. The term AD rank can only describe Google ads or PPC campaigns. Paid advertisements are displayed at the top SERP when someone searches Google for information about a product/service. These paid ads are now ranked among themselves. Some appear in the first, while others come in the second, third, or fourth positions, and so on. These rankings are called the AD rank.

Ad rank is dependent on several factors, and not just the CPC. It is not possible to secure the first SERPs spot for your ads by spending more money. Let us examine the factors that influence AD rank.


CPC bid is one variable that influences AdRank. It best depicts the link between max. CPC bids and AdRank. Google also consolidates the average effect of your expansions and other promotion design when registering your Ad Rank. Google will consider the clickthrough rates, importance, and conspicuity of any expansions or other organizations when determining the average effect of augmentations. You can win a higher position at a lower cost regardless of whether you have higher offers from your competitors.

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